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The underlying causes of the American Revolution were deep seated.

On the political history of the American Revolution, Edmund C. Burnett, The Continental Congress remains a thorough and definitive history of that national political institution. Merrill Jensen, The Articles of Confederation: An Interpretation of the Social-Constitutional History of the American Revolution, 1774–1781 is an excellentstudy of the struggles around the Articles and the attempt to carryNationalism even further. Despite its age, Allan Nevins, The American States During and After the Revolution, 1775–1789remains by far the best, indeed the only satisfactory, state-by-statepolitical history of the revolutionary period. In an unfortunateattempt to replace Nevins, Jackson Turner Main, The Sovereign States, 1775–1783 is sketchy and overly schematic, while Main's Political Parties Before the Constitution is a tangled statistical web based on a fallacious and unenlightening division between alleged "localists" and "cosmopolitans."

The importance of the Revolution lay in its effects of American Society.

According to Clifford (2005), the American Revolution occurred because of a series of political, intellectual, and social transformations in the American government and society, which is known as the American Enlightenment....

Social causes of the american revolution essay

The Social Structure of Revolutionary America, 286, cited in Berthoff and Murrin, 280.

Bailyn's approach to ideas and historical causation fit comfortablywith the dominant outlook which tends to downplay social and economicconflict—that is the struggle over power—in the Americanpast, present, and indirectly, the future. But is it possible toseparate ideology (as a cluster of ideas about reality and what oughtto be) and political and constitutional issues from a social andeconomic context? Ideas cannot exist independent of some subject,content, and context.

The ideology flowing from the English Revolution needs to be linkedto the social change in the American colonies during the eighteenthcentury. In this reassessment the most important is Rowland Berthoffand John M. Murrin's "Feudalism, Communalism, and the YeomanFreeholder: The American Revolution Considered as a Social Accident."Berthoff and Murrin point out that "Until very recently few historiansargued that the causes of the Revolution lay in the structure ofcolonial society." And "[n]either J. Franklin Jameson, when in 1925 hebroached the question of the Revolution as a social movement, norFrederick B. Tolles, in reassessing the matter in 1954, paid anyattention to the possibility that social causes impelled the politicalevents of the years 1763 to 1775."

Causes of the American Revolution - Mega Essays

Davies, J.C. "Toward a Theory of Revolution." American Sociological Review 27 (February 1962).

There has been of late considerable literature on the Loyalists,perhaps the best (with a very complete bibliographical essay) is RobertMcClure Calhoon, The Loyalist in Revolutionary America 1760–1781.

See, for example, David V.I. Bell and Allan E. Goodman, "Vietnam and the American Revolution," Yale Review61 (Fall 1971): 26–34; Roy K. Flint, "The Web of Victory: RevolutionaryWarfare in Eighteenth Century America, (West Point: mimeograph, 1976);and the following by John Shy: "The American Revolution: The MilitaryConflict Considered as a Revolutionary War," in Kurtz and Hutson, Essays, 121–156, also reprinted in Shy's A People Numerous and Armed: Reflections on the Military Struggle for American Independence, in which several essays reflect the influence of Vietnam; Shy, "The American Revolution Today," in Stanley J. Unterdal, ed., Military History of the American Revolution, 18–32, especially 21; and Shy, "Charles Lee: The Soldier as Radical," in George Athan Billias, George Washington's Generals, 22–53.

Kurtz, Stephen G. and Hutson, James H., eds. Essays on the American Revolution. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1973.
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This essay is about the causes of the American Revolution

Time, itself, is something of a legitimizer. Each day that Americaninstitutions ruled the country solidified the notion of theirlegitimacy. What Adam Smith realized in his memorandum (quoted earlier)to the British government was that local American leaders, having cometo rule themselves and their communities for some period of time, wouldnot easily surrender that role.More than a military effort by the British would be needed to undo theorganic development and growing legitimacy of such a revolutionarysociety.

Social Causes Of The American Revolution Free Essays

In the context of the crisis of legitimacy, the Intolerable Acts form a sort of watershed of revolution. David Ammerman's In the Common Cause: American Response to the Coercive Acts of 1774 indicates the new direction of revolutionary protest. The Americans responded by calling a Continental Congress.

Social Causes Of The American Revolution

A concise, judicious, overall summary of the military, political,social, and economic history of the American Revolution is fortunatelyavailable in John R. Alden, The American Revolution, 1775–1783.

The Root Causes of the American Revolution - ThoughtCo

The early social protests during the years 1759 to 1765 are well documented in Bernard Knollenberg's Origins of the American Revolution: 1759–1765.Knollenberg observed, "in reading some accounts of the AmericanRevolution, one gets the impression that until the very eve of theoutbreak of war, active colonial opposition was limited to a relativelyfew propagandists and hotheads, which is far from true."

Causes of the American Revolution

The most important and dramatic change in interpreting the historyof the American Revolutionary War has come about very recently: therealization that the Americans won because, and insofar as,they were conducting a massive guerrilla war. They fought a "people'swar" against the superior firepower and orthodox military strategy andtactics of the British imperial power. With modern guerrilla war cominginto focus since the late 1960s, recent historians have begun to applyits lessons to the American Revolution, not only to the tactics ofindividual battles but also in basic strategic insights. For example,they realize that guerrilla war can only succeed if the great majorityof the populace back the guerrillas. This was the condition during theAmerican Revolution. The valuable military histories of the Revolution,therefore, can be grouped into two categories: those which antedatedand those which have incorporated modern insights into the nature andpotential of guerrilla warfare.

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