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Samuel johnson the rambler essay 1560 - …

Bismarck Tribune Collection – May 1963
00080-Box 6-File 03-01 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boehm
00080-Box 6-File 03-02 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Haider
00080-Box 6-File 03-03 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Werchau
00080-Box 6-File 03-04 Unidentified bride and groom
00080-Box 6-File 03-05 Bonnie Balliet
00080-Box 6-File 03-06 Sandra Klusmann
00080-Box 6-File 03-07 Helen Huntington Smith
00080-Box 6-File 03-08 Dr. Henry Andrews
00080-Box 6-File 03-09 William Tokach – livestock conservation
00080-Box 6-File 03-10 Larry Griffin
00080-Box 6-File 03-11 Jonathan Rehm
00080-Box 6-File 03-12 A.F. Schlieke
00080-Box 6-File 03-13 Dr. Kent Darrow
00080-Box 6-File 03-14 Dr. Harold G. Halcrow – University of Illinois
00080-Box 6-File 03-15 Dr. Harold G. Halcrow – University of Illinois
00080-Box 6-File 03-16 Dr. P.H. Costello – NDSU Honorary
00080-Box 6-File 03-17 Dr. J.S. Long – NDSU Honorary
00080-Box 6-File 03-18 Dr. Briggs – South Dakota State President
00080-Box 6-File 03-19 Paul Meger
00080-Box 6-File 03-20 Three women
00080-Box 6-File 03-21 Mrs. Harve Robinson, Dickinson; Mrs. C.A. Thelander, Beulah; State Library comm.
00080-Box 6-File 03-22 Crowd of women at meeting
00080-Box 6-File 03-23 M.J.O. Ness, Wahpeton; L.A. Newgard, Mandan; V.A. Pankratz, Minot; A.W. Plachte, Wahpeton; Dale A. Olson, Fargo; Dr. Dassinger, Glendive, Montana
00080-Box 6-File 03-24 Four women – Ladies Auxiliary
00080-Box 6-File 03-25 Four women – WCC Officers
00080-Box 6-File 03-26 Four women
00080-Box 6-File 03-27 Four women
00080-Box 6-File 03-28 Two women
00080-Box 6-File 03-29 Five women working at table
00080-Box 6-File 03-30 Seated: Mrs. H.A. Pike, Chairman Banquet; Mrs. Ella Maercklein, Chairman Banquet; Standing: Mrs. A.E. Hedahl, General Chairman; Alma Raftshal; Mrs. C.W. Leifur, General Co-Chairman – Convention planners
00080-Box 6-File 03-31 42nd Annual Convention in Bismarck (women in silly hats)
00080-Box 6-File 03-32 42nd Annual Convention in Bismarck (women in silly hats)
00080-Box 6-File 03-33 North Dakota Chiropractic Association – women at luncheon
00080-Box 6-File 03-34 North Dakota Chiropractic Association – Four men
00080-Box 6-File 03-35 Seated: H.E. Mangskau, Gen. Supt. Transportation and Distribution; F.R. Gamble, Vice President, MDU Minneapolis; Standing: L.M. Wells, Dev. Manager; Mark Scarff, Gen. Supt. System Operation; W. Van Tassel, Gen. Supt. Power Production
00080-Box 6-File 03-36 President Ray Ottinger, Valley City receiving registration from Sec. Don Haisman (sp?) of Grand Forks
00080-Box 6-File 03-37 Three men – New officers
00080-Box 6-File 03-38 Three men
00080-Box 6-File 03-39 Five men
00080-Box 6-File 03-40 Three men
00080-Box 6-File 03-41 Five men
00080-Box 6-File 03-42 Six men with plaque
00080-Box 6-File 03-43 Ray Weist; Wilmer Lang, Riverdale, Sam ?
00080-Box 6-File 03-44 Four men – Trainmen Convention
00080-Box 6-File 03-45 Series of three photos – Group of four men – Group of four men – men at dining table
00080-Box 6-File 03-46 Country Commissioners listening to a man from Canada speak
00080-Box 6-File 03-47 On left, Roy Young, County Commission President
00080-Box 6-File 03-48 John Weatherly, New President
00080-Box 6-File 03-49 Four men and one woman - Roland McMaster
00080-Box 6-File 03-50 Maylan Kein, Tschider, B. Anderson, Halvorson, De Zellar, Lips, Vadnie
00080-Box 6-File 03-51 Highway Patrol Supervisors attending a two week school at the University of North Dakota are (left to right around the table) John M. Herner, Jamestown; Orlin C. Benson, Williston; Ralph Hardin Smeby, Devils Lake; Frederick F. Sibley, Minot; Thomas J. Clifford, Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration; C.H. Burgess, Bismarck; Sayle W. Ward, Dickinson; and Duane S. Bergan, Grand Forks
00080-Box 6-File 03-52 Mrs. Reuben Zeller, Carson; Mrs. Robert Schnell, Lemmon, South Dakota; Harry Graves, NDSU
00080-Box 6-File 03-53 Two men and one woman - Hospital check presentation by Eagles Club
00080-Box 6-File 03-54 Group in front of airplane
00080-Box 6-File 03-55 Two men in front of Horse Show trailer – Floyd Sperry and ?
00080-Box 6-File 03-56 Children watching puppet show
00080-Box 6-File 03-57 “Behind the scenes” of the puppet show
00080-Box 6-File 03-58 Girls playing in schoolyard
00080-Box 6-File 03-59 Delaine Johnson, Secretary, 7th Grader at Hazelton; Gayle Unruh, Vice President, 6th Grader from Goodrich; Connie Gregor, President, 7th Grader from Leeds – Young Citizens League
00080-Box 6-File 03-60 Two girls and one boy holding violins
00080-Box 6-File 03-61 Student musicians
00080-Box 6-File 03-62 Student saxophonists
00080-Box 6-File 03-63 Sandy Syvrud, Betty Leingang, Jane Schmidt
00080-Box 6-File 03-64 Mandan Boys State
00080-Box 6-File 03-65 Ronald Doll, Arville Hager
00080-Box 6-File 03-66 Wendy Polesky, Committee Member; Terri Martin, Committee Member; Jim Schweigert, Vice President Student Council; Paul Halvorson, President Student Council; Bruce Peterson, Secretary-Treasurer Student Council; Bruce Bye, Chairman of Committee – Hillside Park Junior High at Bismarck Post Office making final foster child payment (Tran Van Ba, Vietnam)
00080-Box 6-File 03-67 Paul Gunville, Richard Dassinger, Richard Miller, Gregory Daniel making toothpick sculptures
00080-Box 6-File 03-68 Bonita Malsam, Sterling; Stephanie Cunningham, Dricsoll; David Bliss, McKenzie; Ardelle Anderson, Baldwin; Donna Trusty, Wing; Dee Ora Rosin, Driscoll; Corinne Wahl, Wing
00080-Box 6-File 03-69 Lt. Charles Anderson, Captain Mel Felche, Mrs. Nora Meland, Sgt. Nick Klee, Mrs. Schoeneman at graveside
00080-Box 6-File 03-70 Mrs. Bradford and daughter at graveside
00080-Box 6-File 03-71 Two men and three scouts
00080-Box 6-File 03-72 Girl scouts?
00080-Box 6-File 03-73 Man with net full of fish
00080-Box 6-File 03-74 North Dakota Game and Fish truck
00080-Box 6-File 03-75 Construction
00080-Box 6-File 03-76 Stack of bags on street corner
00080-Box 6-File 03-77 Williams County Sheriff LeRoy Lutz, Deputy Bob Clark and Deputy Ray Atol (sp?) inspecting airplane wreckage
00080-Box 6-File 03-78 Don and Doris George and puppets
00080-Box 6-File 03-79 Weather maps
00080-Box 6-File 03-80 Woman
00080-Box 6-File 03-81 Boy looking out chain link fence
00080-Box 6-File 03-82 Parade float for Major Cooper in Cocoa Beach
00080-Box 6-File 03-83 Police dog attacking man
00080-Box 6-File 03-84 Car on fire – man hanging from light pole
0800-Box 6-File 04-01 Ralph R. Borman (center), Civilian Aide from North Dakota is shown equipment display during the Civilian Aides Conference held May 9-11 at Fort Riley, Kansas. Showing the display are Pfc. Timothy Palmer (left), and Casselton, North Dakota, and Sgt. Vernon L. Flegel, Bismarck, North Dakota.
00080-Box 6-File 04-02 Mr. and Mrs. George Bidwell
00080-Box 6-File 04-03 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kranig
00080-Box 6-File 04-04 Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Link
00080-Box 6-File 04-05 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Mack
00080-Box 6-File 04-06 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mullner
00080-Box 6-File 04-07 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Olson
00080-Box 6-File 04-08 Mr. and Mrs. George Schaefer
00080-Box 6-File 04-09 Mr. and Mrs. V.G. Schauer
00080-Box 6-File 04-10 Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Schneider
0800-Box 6-File 04-11 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-12 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-13 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-14 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-15 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-16 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-17 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-18 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-19 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-20 Woman (Priory Graduates)
0800-Box 6-File 04-21 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-22 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-23 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-24 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-25 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-26 Woman (Priory Graduates)
00080-Box 6-File 04-27 Legion Auxiliary Officers – A. Pederson, C. Jacobsen, Rex Wane, P. Zimmerman, H. Josephson, S. Von Eschen, A. Paulson
00080-Box 6-File 04-28 Mrs. Barton Stevens, Hettinger, President Hettinger; Mrs. Walter Kack, Dickinson, Southwest Director; Miss Marie Pavel, Dickinson, President Dickinson
00080-Box 6-File 04-29 Five women - Auxiliary Convention Chairmen
00080-Box 6-File 04-30 Three women – NDFWC Officers
0800-Box 6-File 04-31 Five women
00080-Box 6-File 04-32 Four women
00080-Box 6-File 04-33 One man and three women
00080-Box 6-File 04-34 Man and woman
00080-Box 6-File 04-35 Four men – Convention speakers
00080-Box 6-File 04-36 ? Sullivan, ? Bekins, ? Dennis
00080-Box 6-File 04-37 ? Donnelly, ? Jacobson, ? Keogh
00080-Box 6-File 04-38 State delegation – Seven men
00080-Box 6-File 04-39 Alkinson, Hilton, Askew, Jordon
00080-Box 6-File 04-40 Three men
0800-Box 6-File 04-41 Four men
00080-Box 6-File 04-42 Legion members taking oath
00080-Box 6-File 04-43 Dakota Zoo train
00080-Box 6-File 04-44 Bicycle in parade
00080-Box 6-File 04-45 Postmaster Officers – Four men and one woman
00080-Box 6-File 04-46 Man dropping ballot in box
00080-Box 6-File 04-47 Military ceremony
00080-Box 6-File 04-48 Military ceremony
00080-Box 6-File 04-49 Students at farewell banquet
00080-Box 6-File 04-50 Group of students
0800-Box 6-File 04-51 Three girls
00080-Box 6-File 04-52 Group of music scholars
00080-Box 6-File 04-53 Claudia Bertramson, Minot, and “Powder Rio”
00080-Box 6-File 04-54 Scout ceremony?
00080-Box 6-File 04-55 Iverson and Deckert
00080-Box 6-File 04-56 Window washer outside of window
00080-Box 6-File 04-57 Woman on sidewalk
00080-Box 6-File 04-58 Bird’s nest on window sill
00080-Box 6-File 04-59 Man beside billboard
00080-Box 6-File 04-60 Men surveying alley
0800-Box 6-File 04-61 K.J. Morris, foreman at Western Contracting Corp. out of Sioux City, Iowa, putting clearance flag on Euclid Scraper.
00080-Box 6-File 04-62 Man pushing mail cart across street
00080-Box 6-File 04-63 Man
00080-Box 6-File 04-64 Game and Fish man netting fish
00080-Box 6-File 04-65 Man with large catfish
00080-Box 6-File 04-66 Man with large catfish
00080-Box 6-File 04-67 US Mail cartoon
00080-Box 6-File 04-68 Tyrone Guthrie
00080-Box 6-File 04-69 Missing Pastor Rev. Berner E. Nyjerdet

Schwartz, Samuel Johnson and the Problem of Evil (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1975).

Bismarck Tribune Collection – August 1962
00080-Box 5-File 12-01 Mrs. Joseph Aberle
00080-Box 5-File 12-02 Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Barthel
00080-Box 5-File 12-03 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bauer
00080-Box 5-File 12-04 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Becker
00080-Box 5-File 12-05 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Benzmiller, Jr.
00080-Box 5-File 12-06 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Blatchford
00080-Box 5-File 12-07 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Bliss
00080-Box 5-File 12-08 Mrs. Donovan Bonertz
00080-Box 5-File 12-09 Mrs. Robert Bratland
00080-Box 5-File 12-10 Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich Columbus
00080-Box 5-File 12-11 Mrs. Jerry E. Dobson
00080-Box 5-File 12-12 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fraase
00080-Box 5-File 12-13 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Freborg
00080-Box 5-File 12-14 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hopfauf
00080-Box 5-File 12-15 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Howe
00080-Box 5-File 12-16 Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Huber
00080-Box 5-File 12-17 Mr. and Mrs. Don Knecht
00080-Box 5-File 12-18 Mr. and Mrs. David K. Leer
00080-Box 5-File 12-19 Mrs. William C. Little
00080-Box 5-File 12-20 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mansfield
00080-Box 5-File 12-21 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Morris
00080-Box 5-File 12-22 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Myster
00080-Box 5-File 12-23 Mr. and Mrs. Orlee W. Olson
00080-Box 5-File 12-24 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Paul
00080-Box 5-File 12-25 Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Phillips
00080-Box 5-File 12-26 Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Reitz
00080-Box 5-File 12-27 Mrs. Jerome Richter
00080-Box 5-File 12-28 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Saffel
00080-Box 5-File 12-29 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scheetz
00080-Box 5-File 12-30 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Senn
00080-Box 5-File 12-31 Mr. and Mrs. Percy Tschider
00080-Box 5-File 12-32 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sperle
00080-Box 5-File 12-33 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weber
00080-Box 5-File 12-34 Mrs. Ervin Wittenberg
00080-Box 5-File 12-35 Larry Froistad
00080-Box 5-File 12-36 Duggie Stewart
00080-Box 5-File 12-37 Courtney Crawford
00080-Box 5-File 12-38 Janet Kronebush
00080-Box 5-File 12-39 ? Demirtas
00080-Box 5-File 12-40 Col. and Mrs. I.M. Oseth
00080-Box 5-File 12-41 Col. and Mrs. I.M. Oseth
00080-Box 5-File 12-42 1942 BHS Reunion
00080-Box 5-File 12-43 Three men
00080-Box 5-File 12-44 Harold Reeck, district manager, S.S. office; Mrs. Irma Osborn, Claims representative
00080-Box 5-File 12-45 Alex McLean, Missouri township, Fred Semperferder, Naughton
00080-Box 5-File 12-46 Whitley showing scroll with names of parishioners who gave money for a gift for 25th anniversary. Gavin is holding bank draft
00080-Box 5-File 12-47 Pete Patrick with silver dollars won for wheat contest
00080-Box 5-File 12-48 W.M. Melech
00080-Box 5-File 12-49 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cook, left, help Lawrence Welk celebrate his first anniversary birthday party on July 27 at the beautiful Hollywood Palladium, where he has a lifetime contract. Dr. Cook, a nephew of Tom O’Leary, and former resident of Bismarck, held the North Dakota golf championship for several years. He and his wife now reside in Santa Maria, California. Shown with the Cooks and Lawrence are the Welk dancing stars Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess.
00080-Box 5-File 12-50 Rostislav Sioak, Sergi Shubalov, Dmitri Korenkov, Aleksandro Oskin, Aleksei Voevodin, Natalya Sitnikova
00080-Box 5-File 12-51 Jim Boutrov with tomato plant growing out of brick between the building and the sidewalk. The plant has about 25 large tomatoes.
00080-Box 5-File 12-52 Leon Bender and Douglas Pfiffer, 1st graders at Richolt School hanging from rail
00080-Box 5-File 12-53 Dennis Stockert, Solen, Robin Williams, Linton Swim Counselor, and Irve Wickham, Mandan
00080-Box 5-File 12-54 Kenneth Masset, Tim Krueger, Sonny Beckler with 50 pound snapping turtle
00080-Box 5-File 12-55 Tommy Catlett and Bruce Price with two unidentified members of Custer Drama
00080-Box 5-File 12-56 Bob Rasnic, Bismarck, D.N. Jordon, Denver, Myron Atkinson, Bismarck, Harold Johnson
00080-Box 5-File 12-57 Woody Wilson, Bismarck, Jerry Kennedy, Casper, Boone Warner, Bismarck, Jack Hoeven, Bismarck
00080-Box 5-File 12-58 Al Golden, Bismarck, Pat Dawson, Bismarck, Berk Strathman, Bismarck
00080-Box 5-File 12-59 Four men
00080-Box 5-File 12-60 Four men
00080-Box 5-File 12-61 The North Dakota National Guard Rifle Team is pictured on the Petrarea range at Camp Perry during the National Rifle Matches now in progress. Front: Ssgt. Harry E. Schneider, of Mott; Ssgt. Edmund P. Jensen, of Fargo; Ssgt. Robert E. Alvestad, of Devils Lake; and 2d Lt. Douglas J. Denne, of Fargo. Back: Ssgt. Earl A. Schneider, of Mott; Captian Donald H. Flesland, of Fargo; Ssgt. Wendelin J. Reiger, of Devils Lake; and Captain James P. Grimstad, of Bismarck. The two Schneiders are brothers and have been firing in competition for four years. They are pictured with their State Flag of North Dakota bearing the motto, “Strength From The Soil”
00080-Box 5-File 12-62 Weather maps

Samuel johnson the rambler analysis essay

My Sentimental Library: My Many Lives of Samuel Johnson

Wimsatt, Jr in Philosophic Words: a Study of Style and Meaning in the ‘Rambler’ and ‘Dictionary’ of Samuel Johnson (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1948).

6 Nov 2006 Complete - Jack Lynch, Rutgers Essays in The Rambler, Nos. 1-208. (1750-52) [with the exception of five, all essays by Johnson] Nos. The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page: Quotes on Writing Samuel Johnson quotes on writing. that I know of." Sir John Hawkins: The Life Of Samuel Johnson Link .. Johnson: Rambler #156 (September 14, 1751) Link Shakespeare and Generic Dichotomy - ipedr periods approached Shakespeare's exploitation of genres, this essay argues . Samuel Johnson defended tragicomedy in Number 156 of The Rambler by Samuel Johnson: Selected Writings — Samuel Johnson, Peter Thanks to Boswell's monumental biography of Samuel Johnson, we remember Dr. At the center of this collection are the periodical essays from the Rambler, 1751 » September Samuel Johnson's Essays 156. The laws of writing not always indisputable. Reflections on tragi-comedy. September 14, 1751. Nunquam aliud Natura, aliud Sapientia dicit. Juv. Sat. xiv. Samuel Johnson Biography | List of Works, Study Guides & Essays Samuel Johnson, one of the most prolific and esteemed essayists, critics, and lexicographers in In 1750 Johnson began writing essays for The Rambler. (Hons) English - University of Delhi Samuel Johnson. The Rambler. Essay 156 (on Literary Rules);. Rasselas Chapter 10 (on the Business of the Poet); on Genius (from. 'The Life of Pope,' Norton C. S. Lewis | Quote Investigator 3 May 2017 Quote Investigator: In 1746 Samuel Johnson signed a contract to His essay dated November 10, 1750 highlighted the importance of 1785, Harrison's British Classicks, Volume 1, Containing Dr. Johnson's Rambler and Lord Lyttelton's November 10, 1750, Start Page 155, Quote Page 156, Column 1,

Image Gallery of Samuel Johnson

Samuel johnson the rambler essay 156 - Research paper Writing Service

Bismarck Tribune Collection – February 1961
00080-Box 4-File 2-01 Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Ross Wilson
00080-Box 4-File 2-02 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stein
00080-Box 4-File 2-03 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hone
00080-Box 4-File 2-04 Mr. and Mrs. Don Ehreth
00080-Box 4-File 2-05 Mr. and Mrs. James Koch
00080-Box 4-File 2-06 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schirado
00080-Box 4-File 2-07 Irene Lovin
00080-Box 4-File 2-08 Albina Greff
00080-Box 4-File 2-09 Carol Weisbeck
00080-Box 4-File 2-10 Verlla (sp?) Krein
00080-Box 4-File 2-11 Donna Klein
00080-Box 4-File 2-12 Myrna Arndt
00080-Box 4-File 2-13 Jane Bader
00080-Box 4-File 2-14 Sandra Kleven
00080-Box 4-File 2-15 Frances Schmidt
00080-Box 4-File 2-16 Helen Atkins
00080-Box 4-File 2-17 Beverly Sayler
00080-Box 4-File 2-18 Sharon Exner
00080-Box 4-File 2-19 Shirley Ding
00080-Box 4-File 2-20 Marlys Welch
00080-Box 4-File 2-21 Mary Jo Coats
00080-Box 4-File 2-22 Jody Krein
00080-Box 4-File 2-23 Marlene Janko
00080-Box 4-File 2-24 Rita Goetz
00080-Box 4-File 2-25 Nadine Hersch
00080-Box 4-File 2-26 Arloene Huizenga
00080-Box 4-File 2-27 Operation Research – Group of women
00080-Box 4-File 2-28 Three women sitting in Colonial Carriage
00080-Box 4-File 2-29 Mrs. William Mushek, Mandan, State Director; Mrs. Donald Casavant, Fargo, State Treasurer
00080-Box 4-File 2-30 Mrs. William Mushek, Mandan, State Director; Mrs. Donald Casavant, Fargo, State Treasurer
00080-Box 4-File 2-31 Mrs. C.H. Ruzicka, Mandan, President, ND League; Mrs. H.T. Moore, Fargo, Vice President, ND League
00080-Box 4-File 2-32 Rep. Powers; Mrs. Robert Lonergan, Bismarck, Vice President, Bismarck group; Mrs. Robert T. Nelson, Bismarck, President, Bismarck group
00080-Box 4-File 2-33 Leno, Tyler, Whitley
00080-Box 4-File 2-34 Four women
00080-Box 4-File 2-35 Five women
00080-Box 4-File 2-36 Three women
00080-Box 4-File 2-37 Three women – Table Talk
00080-Box 4-File 2-38 Six women – Coffee Break
00080-Box 4-File 2-39 Three women and two men
00080-Box 4-File 2-40 ND Bowhunting – Seven men
00080-Box 4-File 2-41 Reinhold Wagner, Bismarck, Sales Chairman; Mrs. Darrell Kline, Mandan
00080-Box 4-File 2-42 Three men
00080-Box 4-File 2-43 Mark Andrews, Director; John Eaton, Denby Director; W.M. Harrington, Mayor of Minot, Director – Garrison Diversion
00080-Box 4-File 2-44 Garrison Meeting – Vernon Sturlaugson, Minnewauken, Director; Gilman A. Strand, Portland, Director
00080-Box 4-File 2-45 W.H. Sallee, Upham director and operator of Deep River Dev. Farm; Harold Arthur, Asst. reg. director Bureau of Rec. Billing
00080-Box 4-File 2-46 Garrison Conservation Meeting - Legion Hall
00080-Box 4-File 2-47 E.G. Ranum, Valley City, Director Barnes Co.; (seated) Alf N. Larson, Director Ransom Co.; (in rear)Peter L. Hoffart, Director Pierce Co. – Garrison Cons. Meeting
00080-Box 4-File 2-48 Farm Bureau President’s Meeting – Lawrence Kukowski, Beach, President Golden Valley County; Milton Guenther, Dunn Center, Dunn County President
00080-Box 4-File 2-49 Farm Bureau President’s Meeting – John Donnelly, Grafton, President Walsh County; Darwin Rose, Hettinger, President Adams County; Levi Dawson, Almont, President, Grant County
00080-Box 4-File 2-50 Around the World – Five women
00080-Box 4-File 2-51 Group of men
00080-Box 4-File 2-52 Glenn Anderson, Warehouse Superintendent for Red Owl Stores, Inc., explains to students Vern Anderson, of Regan, Arthur Coffing, Mott; Carlyle Hillstrom, Mandan, and Marlen Coleman, Bismarck; sorting and bagging operation of Red River Valley potatoes in the Pre-Packaged Produce Department, a new 7000 square foot addition to the warehouse.
00080-Box 4-File 2-53 Two women and a man with oversized check
00080-Box 4-File 2-54 Four men
00080-Box 4-File 2-55 Man in headdress
00080-Box 4-File 2-56 Man in headdress
00080-Box 4-File 2-57 Head table at banquet “Building Bigger Better Bismarck 1961”
00080-Box 4-File 2-58 Three men with wildlife pictures
00080-Box 4-File 2-59 Crowd looking at table display
00080-Box 4-File 2-60 Four men with stuffed animals
00080-Box 4-File 2-61 Four men with stuffed animals
00080-Box 4-File 2-62 Three women – Baby Business
00080-Box 4-File 2-63 Select Seniors – in front of Bismarck High School
00080-Box 4-File 2-64 Two students
00080-Box 4-File 2-65 Two students
00080-Box 4-File 2-66 Student
00080-Box 4-File 2-67 Man with two Girl Scouts - First Sale
00080-Box 4-File 2-68 Boy and girl in band uniforms - Band executives
00080-Box 4-File 2-69 Boy and girl in band uniforms
00080-Box 4-File 2-70 Students learning about dental care
00080-Box 4-File 2-71 View of mall from Capitol building
00080-Box 4-File 2-72 Lt. James Fowler
00080-Box 4-File 2-73 Three women and one man
00080-Box 4-File 2-74 Dentist, nurse, and patient
00080-Box 4-File 2-75 Three men working near frozen river
00080-Box 4-File 2-76 Crane and vehicles on frozen river
00080-Box 4-File 2-77 Men working on frozen river
00080-Box 4-File 2-78 Tree stumps
00080-Box 4-File 2-79 Tree stumps
00080-Box 4-File 2-80 6th Street road sweepers
00080-Box 4-File 2-81 6th Street road sweepers
00080-Box 4-File 2-82 Slushy street
00080-Box 4-File 2-83 Grading road – Riverside Park East Rd.
00080-Box 4-File 2-84 Train derailment
00080-Box 4-File 2-85 Train derailment
00080-Box 4-File 2-86 Four men with coins
00080-Box 4-File 2-87 Four men with coins

Hearings, January 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-01 Governor Link at podium with group of men behind him
00080-Box 1-File 01-02 Man and woman
00080-Box 1-File 01-03 Governor Link entering room at Inaugural Ball, January 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-04 Governor Link speaking with man and woman at Inaugural Ball, January 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-05 Women serving punch at Inaugural Ball, January 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-06 Women sitting at table with centerpiece
00080-Box 1-File 01-07 Woman at punch bowl at Inaugural Ball, January 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-08 Women sitting at table with centerpiece
00080-Box 1-File 01-09 Inaugural Ball 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-10 Inaugural Ball 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-11 Inaugural Ball 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-12 Table and centerpiece at Inaugural Ball 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-13 Inaugural Ball 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-14 Inaugural Ball 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-15 Senator David E. Nething and Rep. Earl S. Strinden at Press Conference 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-16 Two men speaking with Rep. Earl S. Strinden
00080-Box 1-File 01-17 Man speaking behind podium for Heritage Center at Senate Appropriations
00080-Box 1-File 01-18 People viewing from balcony
00080-Box 1-File 01-19 Mrs. Marina Ghaly and Mrs. R. F. Schoregge at Legislative Day for Medical Wives, February 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-20 Governor’s Safety Session – February 11, 1975 – Charles E. Gardner, Jamestown, Occupational Consultant and Larry L. Johnson, Bismarck, Coordinator of Training, Both of North Dakota Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
00080-Box 1-File 01-21 Rep. Alice Olson, Cavalier (ND), Judge Peterson, Barbara Abfalter, Comm. Clerk, Rep. Ruth Meyers, Ross (ND) – February 4, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-22 Keli Rylance (age 9) and Rep. Dan Rylance – Keli pushed “yes” button for dad on E.R.A. – February 3, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-23 Coal Tax Hearing, February 11, 1975 – Arlene Haunson, Dickinson (ND), Representing Badlands Environment Association
00080-Box 1-File 01-24 Senator George Longmire, Grand Forks (ND) and Bill Danes, Lobbyist for Bankers, January 21, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-25 Judge at podium – January 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-26 Coal Tax Hearing – Highway Building – February 11, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-27 Coal Tax Bill Hearing – February 11, 1975 – Herbert Nathan, McLean County
00080-Box 1-File 01-28 Sec. Comm. at bank hearing – February 12, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-29 Outside of the hearing on Pistol Bill – February 4, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-30 Coal Tax Hearing – February 11, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-31 Bank Senate Hearing – February 12, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-32 Van Heuelen testifying – Senate hearing Legislative Appropriation Committee – May 6, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-33 Jane Skjei, Fargo (ND)
00080-Box 1-File 01-34 Rep. Ed Mitzger – February 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-35 Gerald Warren – February 7, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-36 Gerald Warren – February 7, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-37 Gerald Warren – February 7, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-38 Adolph Nordmark, Minot (ND), Minot Assessor before Finance and Tax – Circuit Breaker Hearing – February 10, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-39 Walter Loomer, Grand Forks (ND), Citizen interested in Circuit Breaker Hearing
00080-Box 1-File 01-40 Joyce Koski and Sheila Fleck, February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-41 Census – John Barnhardt, Mandan (ND) – February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-42 Marilyn Hoff - Burleigh County Census February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-43 Joyce Koski – Census February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-44 Betty Howell, Supervisor of Census takers, Census February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-45 Joan Sandwick, Crew Leader, Census February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-46 John Rott, Census February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-47 John Barnhardt, Mandan (ND), Henry Farmham, Census February 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-48 Tony Klein, Processing Supervisor, State Tax Department, April 17, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-49 Joe LaDuke, Morton County, Register of Deeds, March 18, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-50 Dave Solheim, Poet, Northridge School, February 19, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-51 Renee Ulmer, House Page, Adding Amendments, February 20, 1975
00080-Box 1-File 01-52 Mr. and Mrs. Link, Sr.
00080-Box 1-File 01-53 Light fixture
00080-Box 1-File 01-54 Railing
00080-Box 1-File 01-55 Ceiling
00080-Box 1-File o1-56 Binder
00080-Box 1-File 01-57 Ceiling and light fixtures
00080-Box 1-File 01-58 Wall
00080-Box 1-File 01-59 Railing?
00080-Box 1-File 01-60 Railing
00080-Box 1-File 01-61 Two men at podium shaking hands
00080-Box 1-File 01-62 Woman and two men
00080-Box 1-File 01-63 Railing
00080-Box 1-File 01-64 Two women and a man – Lobbied for E.R.A.
00080-Box 1-File 01-65 Long table filled with paper work and binders
00080-Box 1-File 02-01 Two men
00080-Box 1-File 02-02 Jim Jungrath (sp) – 1974 Senate Candidate
00080-Box 1-File 02-03 Jim Jungrath (sp) speaking
00080-Box 1-File 02-04 Two men
00080-Box 1-File 02-05 Voting tally list
00080-Box 1-File 02-06 Marion Ehli getting info for each legislate – Summary of Interim Report – Legislative Council – November 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-07 Two men
00080-Box 1-File 02-08 Two men working on Capitol steps – September 6, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-09 State Canvassing Board, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-10 Election Recount 1974 – Burleigh County
00080-Box 1-File 02-11 Donovan Eck, Mrs. Vera Jorgenson, and Rosemary Weigel, Apple Creek, November 12, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-12 Mandan Canvassing Board – Lynn Stark, Lester Schirado, State’s Attorney, Judge William F. Hodny, Ted Giese. Seated, George Armiston
00080-Box 1-File 02-13 Men and women going over paperwork
00080-Box 1-File 02-14 Ross Boone, Judge and Mrs. Ross Boone, Clerk, McKenzie (ND) – November 5, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-15 Ralph Malard, Judge and Nettie J. Dance, voter, Menoken (ND) – November 5, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-16 John Malsam, Judge of Precinct, Mrs. Howard Dorgan, Mrs. Harold Olson, Mrs. Elder Elness, Arne Eskeli, Voting, Sterling (ND) – November 5, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-17 Byron Dorgan? Voting at Northridge – November 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-18 Marion Envik, Sterling (ND) – November 5, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-19 Ralph Malard, Judge and Allan Agnew, Voter, Menoken (ND) – November 5, 1974
00080-Box 1-File 02-20 Election relaxation – McKenzie (ND0 – November 5, 1974

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