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Functionalist View of Religion Essay - 398 Words

Third, what would happen if we changed our own semiotic practices and began to treat words like religion and the secular—and here note the awkwardness of adding the definite article—not as nouns, with the implications of bounded entities, but as verbs, adjectives or adverbs? We have not done so in part due to the deep grammar of our Indo-European languages and in part because we have tended to view religion as comprised of or produced by a series of things, more nouns. In some versions these things are called beliefs and in other versions experiences. It is worthy of note that both belief and experience tend to start with the individual. They are thus congenial to modernity, and indeed they are the approaches that most modernists tend to take. Charles Taylor is an obvious case in point, moving in his introduction to A Secular Age (2007) from an experience of “fullness” to faith in the transcendent. Belief and experience, as Taylor would be the first to admit, are also close to Christianity. Here it is important to note the recent self-critique of anthropology, articulated especially by Cannell (2006), that its own views have been implicitly shaped by Christianity. Christianity has served as the model for what religion is, as the paradigm case, hence establishing what constitutes the core of religion and the framework through which, and standard against which, other practices have been viewed. Hence too, Christianity has been the model for how this core might relate to other features of the social world, including, where it exists, the state or political realm, hence to the very definition of secularism.

It was reprinted with comments anda rejoinder in The Religious Situation: 1968

The principle ofseparation of church and state guarantees the freedom of religious belief andassociation, but at the same time clearly segregates the religious sphere, whichis considered to be essentially private, from the political one.

confidence in their unsaving religion

The word religion is also associated with powerful words of relevancy.

Is this not just another indication that inAmerica religion is considered vaguely to be a good thing, but that people careso little about it that it has lost any content whatever?

Isn't DwightEisenhower reported to have said "Our government makes no sense unless it isfounded in a deeply felt religious faith-and I don't care what it is,"and isn't that a complete negation of any real religion?

Wicca, the religion - Religious tolerance

Theinauguration of a president is an important ceremonial event in this religion.

Public Safety Officers must present a background which demonstrates maturity and readiness for such employment. Their past choices must be free from behavior inappropriate to the position being sought. A significant degree of personal discipline must be displayed to ensure that candidates can consistently refrain from taking actions which may be detrimental to their own health and well-being or the health and well-being of others. They must be able to maintain their composure and stay in control during critical situations, maintain a positive attitude, and accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive. Desired behaviors may include, but are not limited to the ability to:

But it must not be assumed that intelligent thinking can play no partin the formation of the goal and of ethical judgments. When someone realizesthat for the achievement of an end certain means would be useful, the meansitself becomes thereby an end. Intelligence makes clear to us the interrelationof means and ends. But mere thinking cannot give us a sense of the ultimateand fundamental ends. To make clear these fundamental ends and valuations,and to set them fast in the emotional life of the individual, seems tome precisely the most important function which religion has to performin the social life of man. And if one asks whence derives the authorityof such fundamental ends, since they cannot be stated and justified merelyby reason, one can only answer: they exist in a healthy society as powerfultraditions, which act upon the conduct and aspirations and judgments ofthe individuals; they are there, that is, as something living, withoutits being necessary to find justification for their existence. They comeinto being not through demonstration but through revelation, through themedium of powerful personalities. One must not attempt to justify them,but rather to sense their nature simply and clearly.

It reaffirms, among other things, the religious legitimation of the highestpolitical authority.
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Religion in the Workplace Essay Example for Free

In sum, much as anthropology would like to see itself as an objective observer of the range of human institutions and transformations, it is itself situated within the broad discursive field constituted by secularism and religion and it has always also been an interested party in the debate between them, pulled between explanation and interpretation, demystification and appreciation, transcendent reason and immanent experience. As a result, despite many insightful contributions and developments, clarifying the relationship between the secular and religion remains an ongoing therapeutic task or feature of anthropology rather than a fully realized or realizable scientific goal. It is internal as well as external to the practice of anthropology.

Religion in the Workplace Essay

One way to summarize the argument so far would be to say that the very conceptualization of the subjects, questions, problems, and practices characteristic of anthropology as a discipline presuppose some kind of bracketing, or standing outside of something. This is both analogous to the way secularism and religion can be understood, respectively, as standing outside one another or outside ordinary life, and continuous with the division between religion and the secular as standpoints. In other words, anthropology is implicated in this distinction and the distinction is implicated in anthropology. One could go further and say that anthropology is intrinsically secular or that it is the emergence of the secular that enables the possibility for anthropology.[] Is it not the case that a nonsecular anthropology would be impractible or even inconceivable?

Right To Freedom Of Religion And Expression Religion Essay

There is no room in this for the divinization of a nation, of a class,let alone of an individual. Are we not all children of one father, as itis said in religious language? Indeed, even the divinization of humanity,as an abstract totality, would not be in the spirit of that ideal. It isonly to the individual that a soul is given. And the high destiny of theindividual is to serve rather than to rule, or to impose himself in anyother way.

efforts in raising the respect for each religion ..

I take this view but at the same time I take an alternative view, holding, ironically, to two points of view. Let me try and explain. The various oppositions I have enunciated—universal/ particular, objectivism/ relativism, anthropologist/ native, observation/ participation, and even secular/ religion imply that they are each binary oppositions, such that each term is mutually exclusive of the other, and hence that they are possible only of various, ultimately unsatisfactory, forms of mediation, of the order that Lévi-Strauss (1963a) has described as mythological. It is clear that in theory-making the pairs can form analogies of the sort a : b :: c : d that Lévi-Strauss describes. But there is a bit of a worry here because Lévi-Strauss describes the play of concrete signifiers—drawn from the material sensory world of animals, colours, and the like—that are displayed precisely in lieu of abstractions. Abstractions themselves do not have intrinsically the distinctive features that are enabled by the sensory and material world, and so there may be a category mistake entailed in setting abstractions themselves directly in binary opposition to one another in the way we do with properties like raw and cooked.

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