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The History of domestic violence

No, but you bring slavery into a domestic violence post and pretend I defend it so you have something to argue with. So keep bringing up ridiculous statements and argue with them. Let me know when you’re done.

Domestic violence as a social problem addressing both historical and structural elements.

The knee jerk reaction to most violent acts against men such as slapping, throwing things, biting and even cutting (use your imagination) is surprise at best and laughter at worse. The fact that women in our society are usually the physically weaker of the sexes doesn’t mean that domestic violence can not happen both ways. Women, futhermore, based on being typically physically weaker, often use other ways to “get to a man” such as with psychological abuse e.g. insults about ability as a provider economically or sexually. This is an ongoing dilemma for many men victimized by women who engage in this behavior that is often supported by society thinking includinng advertisements and movies. Men thus fact two problems in such cases – a domestic violent abusive partner and a society that is less responsive to men than women in such cases. Though men are typically stronger and do more damage in domestic violence when they are involved, it must be considered that women may be part of a problem that is neglected in domestic violence incidence.

"Domestic Violence Is a Serious Problem." Violence.

There’s something very important that we’re not talking about when we talk about domestic violence.

Early evaluations of domestic violence courts generally report on how these courts handle their workload, victim satisfaction, and issues of implementation. It remains unclear if these courts impact recidivism. Researchers who examined these courts in New York describe some of the more important unresolved issues:

Thesis Statement There are many ways that people can be harm for example the domestic violence it causes: sucide, harm family members, injure yourself.

“2 Studies That Prove Domestic Violence Is an LGBT Issue”

Incidents of domestic violence against women occur every 15 seconds in the U.S.

Now another thing I can relate to some males with is the frustration of always being stigmatized as the perpetrator of domestic violence, regardless of who started it. Being villainized for being a male. Well, it’s more frustration at the idea of it, as I haven’t literally had a domestic violence encounter, it just seems inexplicably wrong to me for a male to always have to be the bad guy in all cases.

And why in the hell would you ever side with men on anything? I’m a man and I don’t. You expect me to take domestic abuse against men seriously when men are the ones demeaning other men, when they are the total of mass shooters. When they are the people who incite war and vote accordingly. When the security apparatus is installed by men. When they are the serial killers and pedophiles. When they commit massacres worldwide. When they worship violence in every facet of their existence? Men are your problem. Why is it if you want balance you aren’t siding with feminists then instead. If a man punched me in the face and then another, followed by yet another I wouldn’t start screaming at women that they are to blame. Statistically you have more to worry about from another man than anything not women. Hell you don’t even have to get into a relationship and can stay home.

the important things that i learned is that domestic violence could kill people.
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Oh…Happy Domestic Violence Awareness Month everyone!

That’s an excellent question and alludes to the reality that women are perhaps more prone toward emotional responses which may be linked to hormones but also it involves our society that promotes and propagates such behavior that often appears more dismissive to the eccentricities of women than men. It may also be why women are often given a pass more often than men in domestic violence cases.

Ways To Solve Domestic Violence Free Essays - …

Do you know why there are less reports by men? Because they fear what they may face if they do report violence. Humans are social beings. They fear ostracization and isolation almost as much as they fear death. Men are not recieved well as abuse victims so they don’t report anything. They don’t tell ANYONE, because they see also see it as an issue of pride, which they’re taught they must maintain at all time. You saw it yourself in this article: 20% of men who report domestic assault are the ones who get arrested.

Woman As Aggressor: The Unspoken Truth Of Domestic Violence

4. Stalk, attack and psychologically abuse a partner When criminologists as the University of Florida asked students about their relationship behaviors, they discovered that women were more likely to stalk, attack and psychologically abuse their partners than men. 32% of women admitted to physical violence against their partners, while just 24% of men reported the same. 58% of all the stalkers were women. Women are definitely stepping up their domestic violence game.

The causes effects and solutions of domestic violence

“If we talk about female-initiated domestic violence, then it takes away from addressing violence against women.”
And if we don’t then it takes away from addressing the violence against women inflicted by other women. The same is true for rape.

Domestic violence happens in three ..

I think that domestic violence is more widespread regarding men than society knows about. I have a friend who is in his 60’s now. He was a victim of domestic violence for 20 years. Hi ex-wife beat him regularly. He ended up in hospital on many occasions. At first he dismissed the violent episodes as being her monthly problems but the angry outbursts happened nearly every day some weeks. One day he told me she really got very annoyed and hit him so hard with a frying pan he ended up in hospital with concussion and 25 stitches in his head poor man. When he came out he decided to get out of the relationship as he was afraid she would kill him. I asked him once why did you put up with it for so long I don’t really know he said she had many good qualities and I did love her. But her violent side and controlling nature I could not stand anymore. He remarried and is now very happy with her and he enjoys his life which I am glad about he deserves so happiness after such a bad life before.

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