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Placed on-line by the City of Hiroshima.

August 1945
What were the effects of the bombing in the two cities?
Did the atomic bombs have any affect on the world whatsoever?
Were there any alternative ways of ending the war instead?
Some questions we had on our topic...
Why bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima specifically?

 : Photographs of Hiroshima after the bombing, primarily taken by the U.S. Army.
Photo provided by Flickr

On August 10, the day after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, the Japanese government requested that it be permitted to surrender under the terms of the Potsdam declaration of July 26th which it had previously ignored.

"Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Wikipedia.

*Frequency of A-bomb cataracts in Hiroshima victims exposed in infancy. (, 208)
Photo provided by Flickr

This bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945
Little Boy
Fat Man
This second bomb was dropped on August 9, 1945
First Reason:
Many survivors of the bombing faced death from starvation and radiation exposure.


The bomb annihilated around 80,000 people instantly

Sorry but these are some gruesome pics you're about to see....
About 40,000 people died after the bomb was dropped.
Keloid Scarring
Up close look
Second Reason:
There were different ways besides using atomic weapons to settle the dispute.
Thermal Burns
Treating Thermal Burns
Theory no.1
According to the U.S.

Dropped in Hiroshima
Dropped in Nagasaki
Third reason:
The atomic bomb affected the world in both good and bad ways.
Many countries began to fear, but admire the the United States after discovering what they were capable of.
Due to the atomic bombs, people began to learn more about radiation sickness, cancer and burns.
Reason no.1
Reason no.

- filmremembering POWs killed after A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima:

On August 6th, “LittleBoy” was dropped on Hiroshima, and three days later, “Fat Man” wasdropped on Nagasaki.
Photo provided by Flickr

In Hiroshima, 85 of 98 A-bomb cataract cases were discovered in 869 survivors exposed within 1.0 km of ground zero. Between June 1953 and October 1954, some 116 patients with A-bomb cataracts were found among 435 survivors seen at the ophthalmology clinic of Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital. Of these, 87 were exposed within 2.0 km of ground zero; 30 were exposed beyond that distance.

In a cataract the ocular lens becomes opaque. This condition appeared a few years after the atomic bombings; the first was found in 1948 in Hiroshima; and the next, the following year in Nagasaki. Occurrence was related to age at time of exposure and distance from ground zero. Severe cases appeared earlier than mild cases.

Three reasons to support this is that many survivors of the bombing faced death from starvation and radiation exposure.
Photo provided by Flickr
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Remembering Hiroshima (Picture Essay of the Day) ..

In August, Hiroshima is hot as hell and twice as humid. You can’t really sweat, there’s so much moisture in the air. You feel like you have asthma. But in 2017, you can duck into a McDonald’s not far from the Atomic Dome and absorb as much free air conditioning as you’d like. An American there, or in the Peace Park, is as likely to be ignored as just another tourist as he is to become the target of some nice Japanese person wanting to practice English and lead you around chatting. Have you seen the famous watch, they ask, the one that the atomic bomb froze at the moment of detonation? How about the atomic shadows, the ashes of people photo-flashed to death? You can take pictures, no problem.

Free bombing of hiroshima papers, essays, and research papers.

Even if you have never been to the place, you know the place. The mountains that form the background in all the old photos are still backstopping the city. A lot of newer, tall buildings now, but the Ota River delta, where thousands drowned trying to cool their bodies and extinguish their burning flesh, is right there. You’ve seen the pictures. Most of the bridges and streets were rebuild right where they’d been before the Bomb. Same for most public buildings. You could see where you were in 2017 and where you would have been in 1945 because they are the same place.

1945 only three days after the bombing of Hiroshima, ..

No matter how many times I went, I always expected something different to happen, when in fact nothing happened. There were 200,000 souls out there. I couldn’t see them for the crowds of people pushing into the station, and I couldn’t hear them over the traffic noise, but past lives lingered. It couldn’t be helped. No matter how much concrete and paving had been laid down, it could not have been enough. History runs very deep in Hiroshima.

Striking Images from the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima is the place that has not been buried, the place not allowed to heal fully. The Peace Park and Museum at Hiroshima were created for the Japanese as a symbol of their victimhood, but they end up, against all plans, exposing raw edges of a war everyone otherwise wanted to go away.

Reconnaissance photo of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was ..

Besides high mortality rates, retarded growth and development was also indicated. Most notable in those exposed within 1.0–5.0 km of ground zero were retarded stature, underweight, and smaller head circumference, a condition called microcephaly, one of the most pathetic aftereffects of the atomic bombings, especially when accompanied by mental retardation.

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