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Kalidasa biography in sanskrit language essay

In July Ms. Beena Fernandez attended a workshop on Assessment of Speaking Listening Skill(ASL) and Phonemes conducted by CBSE held at Bharat Tourist Home , Ernakulam and in August our Senior teachers Ms. Uma and Ms. Deepa , a Sanskrit workshop at Bhavans News print Vellore, Senior secondary teachers Ms. Radhika and Ms. Sindhu Sudhakaran a commerce workshop in Accountancy and Business Projects.

Kalidas biography in sanskrit language essay

"The Sanskcrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either, yet bearing to both of them a stronger affinity, both in the roots of verbs and in the forms of grammar, than could not possibly have been produced by accident; so strong indeed, that no philologer could examine them all three, without believing them to have sprung from some common source which, perhaps, no longer exists; there is a similar reason, though not quite so forcible, for supposing that both the Gothick and the Celtick, though blended with a very different idiom, had the same origin with the Sanskcrit; and the old Persian might be added to the same family..." (Jones, Collected Works, Volume III : 34-5).

Kalidasa poems in sanskrit language essay

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The unlimited support from the parents indeed has to be recorded in the red letters . A huge thank you to each one of you. Dear parents , your co operation and positive criticism is the motivation in all our endeavours to achieve excellence. The Vidyalayas greatest asset are its teaching and non teaching staff, hats off to their untiring , sincere and committed team effort but for then the Vidyalaya would not be what it is today one of the best among all CBSE schools in Kochi. We are truly indebted to you dear freinds. My beloved children you are the living soul of the Vidyalaya without you none of us exist . Thank you very much for all that you have done to uphold and elevate the good name of our Vidyalaya. No wonder our school is a school with a difference marching , steadily towards the lofty ideals of Param Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji.

It remains to say what can be said in a foreign language of Kalidasa’s style. We have seen that he had a formal and systematic education; in this respect he is rather to be compared with Milton and Tennyson than with Shakespeare or Burns. He was completely master of his learning. In an age and a country which reprobated carelessness but were tolerant of pedantry, he held the scales with a wonderfully even hand, never heedless and never indulging in the elaborate trifling with Sanskrit diction which repels the reader from much of Indian literature. It is true that some western critics have spoken of his disfiguring concerts and puerile plays on words. One can only wonder whether these critics have ever read Elizabethan literature; for Kalidasa’s style is far less obnoxious to such condemnation than Shakespeare’s. That he had a rich and glowing imagination, “excelling in metaphor,” as the Hindus themselves affirm, is indeed true; that he may, both in youth and age, have written lines which would not have passed his scrutiny in the vigour of manhood, it is not worth while to deny: yet the total effect left by his poetry is one of extraordinary sureness and delicacy of taste. This is scarcely a matter for argument; a reader can do no more than state his own subjective impression, though he is glad to find that impression confirmed by the unanimous authority of fifty generations of Hindus, surely the most competent judges on such a point.

essay on kalidas in sanskrit ..

an essay of kalidasa in sanskrit

Prominent among those who did the pioneering work in this field were the Danish philologist named Rasmus Rask (1818), the German philologist named Franz Bopp, (1791- 1837), Fick August, Ferdinand de Saussure, Jacob Grimm, Karl Brugmann of the neogrammarian school and many more. The term Indo-European was actually coined by Thomas Young in 1914. The word Prot-Indo-European language was used to designate the root or the source language, which existed probably sometime in 7000 BC in a region about which we have no common agreement, but which is considered by the majority to be Anatolia in Turkey, otherwise known as Asia Minor or little Asia.(This view is however currently disputed by some historians from India.)

What proof do we have to suggest that these languages had a common ancestor.? Firstly the linguists were able to find some most widely shared common words among these languages. These words give credence to the theory that they all emerged from the same source. Readers can verify a list of such words from the links we have provided at the end of this article. Secondly, in order to understand how, over a period of time, the languages acquired distinct characteristics of their own and also gave birth to other languages, the linguists tried to study the origin and evolution of the various words of each language and their possible connection with similar words in other comparable languages. Their attempts yielded irrefutable evidence of their common origin and gradual evolution.

Kalidas biography in sanskrit language essay - …
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The Sanskrit Language | Guided Sanskrit Lessons - Home

They accomplished this by studying possible mutations in the sounds and tones that were associated with different words, the structure of the alphabet, the number, arrangement and expression of the vowels and consonants in each comparable language and also the comparative changes that might have taken place in other relevant areas such as the usage of verbs, the nouns, the cases, the gender, the syntax and so on. In course of time they relied upon two principal techniques, namely, the comparative method and the method of internal reconstruction. The former led to the formation of Grimm's law (1822), Verner's law (1896) and neogrammarian hypothesis (1857) etc., which enabled the linguists to compare certain corresponding or comparable words from various languages in the family to understand their origin and development. The Comparative method was very useful in reconstructing the historical basis of many languages for which Latin was the source language. The method of internal reconstruction relies upon the study of the structure of words, especially the arrangements of consonants and vowels, in a given language all by itself

The Sanskrit Language Guided Sanskrit Lessons ..

probably lived in the fifth century of the Christian era. This date, approximate as it is, must yet be given with considerable hesitation, and is by no means certain. No truly biographical data are preserved about the author, who nevertheless enjoyed a great popularity during his life, and whom the Hindus have ever regarded as the greatest of Sanskrit poets. We are thus confronted with one of the remarkable problems of literary history. For our ignorance is not due to neglect of Kalidasa’s writings on the part of his countrymen, but to their strange blindness in regard to the interest and importance of historic fact. No European nation can compare with India in critical devotion to its own literature. During a period to be reckoned not by centuries but by millenniums, there has been in India an unbroken line of savants unselfishly dedicated to the perpetuation and exegesis of the native masterpieces. Editions, recensions, commentaries abound; poets have sought the exact phrase of appreciation for their predecessors: yet when we seek to reconstruct the life of their greatest poet, we have no materials except certain tantalising legends, and such data as we can gather from the writings of a man who hardly mentions himself.

Sanskrit is a language which is mother of all languages

Dravidian Origin: Another view which is not accepted in the west, but which is proposed in India is that the common proto language of Sanskrit was none other than some proto Dravidian language or the language spoken by the Indus people. We are unable to make any comments on this view, since very little work has been done in India on this subject to prove or disprove the point. If you think that you have some useful information, which can throw some light on this subject, you may help us with your comments or article or post a link to our site. (To add your link, please go to the bottom of this page.)

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