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This habit will go a long way, in making them better human beings.

Of 20 nations that donated to the Foundation, 17 had more robust weapons transactions in the three fiscal years that State was led by Hillary than in the last three years of the previous administration. How do you convince a president who got elected in 2008 on an anti-war platform repudiating warmongering cowboy George W. Bush to ramp up arms deals to unsavory regimes in the Middle East? Slipping a fat envelope into the Clinton slush fund’s collection box couldn’t hurt. And evidently didn’t. :

His tremendous success in writing has influenced a lot of childrenin their habit of writing.

to do this, readers must:
critically evaluate what was read
think of ways to demonstrate what they have gained from the reading
Need to demonstrate leads to reading purpose
Comprehension components include:
decoding skills
vocabulary knowledge
grammar knowledge
world knowledge
short-term memory
inferential knowledge
Vocabulary knowledge is known to have strong correlation with reading comprehension
100% vocab ≠ 100% comprehension
teachers do not teach vocab, students learn vocab

Meaning reside in the combination of word, and readers also need top-down processing to capture it
Strategies are conscious, therefore, there is active involvement in the selection and use of it
Metacognitive awareness requires:
preparing and planning
deciding when to use it
learning how to combine them
evaluating the effectiveness
Most effective language learners are those who:
use metacognitive strategies
understand the effort required
and take responsibility

Teacher should create an environment where students:
learn to be self-directed
are making significant progress
because they are aware of their learning
and take charge of the learning
Students with these characteristics are what we call "Metacognitively aware"
Engaged learners are motivated
Every teacher is responsible to motivate the students
Learners with sufficient motivation can achieve L2 learning, regardless of aptitude or any other cognitive characteristics

How we read in English depends on exactly what we are reading for.

Reading good books is important during the formative years of one's development.

Intriguingly, nearly all their donations went to the "Clinton Family Foundation," which has disbursed only half the money! Most of the foundation's disbursements came only after Hillary announced her Presidential run. : "Hillary and her husband deplore wealth...except their own"

The Clintons are resisting the disclosure of a document that could help clarify the New York senator's claims that she was "instrumental" in Northern Ireland peacemaking. The document's unlikely author: Chelsea Clinton. As a Stanford University senior in 2001, the former First Daughter wrote a 150-page thesis on the subject. : "isn’t it amazing how documents that are anywhere around hillary all seem to go missing ? (rose law firm records, fbi files, chelsea’s thesis, etc.)" and of course Vincent Foster's files

Is Reading A Forgotten Habit Essay

Millions of people around the world enjoy the disgusting habit of smoking.

What could be difficult/easy?
Is there a good balance?
Things don't always (if not never) goes as planned.
When do we make the decision to change?
something has gone wrong
it required more/less time than expected
a timely topic came up
What are some useful activities to do when we have extra time left?
Useful review questions...
How long did the activities actually take?
Who responded how?
What did the students have after class that they didn't have before?
"Good" lessons differ depending on the 7 elements
Make your own check list of "Good" lesson
Based on your philosophy → common criterion throughout
Compare handout with pp.

The cadavers from the Ron Brown aircraft had traces of the chemical "thermite" on them. This is a chemical in bombs. Shelley Kelly , the flight attendant on the aircraft, walked onto the rescue helicopter with minor cuts and bruises but somehow "bled to death" on the way to the hospital. A 3-inch incision was found over the femoral artery. Ron Brown was a notorious person. He's had his finger in every crooked deal. He took a $700,000 bribe from Hanoi to get the trade embargo dropped. He was involved in Iran-Contra. He was getting too big for his britches and blackmailed Clinton.

Smoking is a hazardous habit because it leads to addiction, disease, and high-risk pregnancy.
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Is reading a forgotten habit essay

She was subpoenaed by Jones' attorneys to be deposed in their case, and after many months of unsuccessful legal maneuvering, was forced to testify. Two days before her testimony, she was threatened by a stranger at dawn while walking in her rural neighborhood. She and her children were both threatened and references were made to her damaged car and missing 13-year-old pet. The message was clear: Remain silent

Essay on the Habit of Reading - Habit Essay ..

By the end of 2011 in the US, there were over 44o programs in 38 states

Also plays a role in heritage language immersion program

TB models are language classes with frequent use of the content for language practice
e.g., 20min practice, several times a week

TB models are language driven in that contents are used to extract language learning activities

Six T's Approach by Stoller & Grabe (1997)
Themes: must be selected to meet learners' needs
Topics: subunits of content themes (insects - ants)
Texts: reading, videos, audios, maps, lectures, guest speakers...
Threads: link across units that make up the curricula
Tasks: day-to-day activities (e.g., debates)
Transitions: provide coherence across topics
("demography" global - developing - developed - home country)
Deliberate separation from native speakers for the purpose of content instruction with more appropriately geared language

language level i compensated with the use of specific instruction strategies and rich use of supportive materials such as visual aids

Research shows no disadvantage to ELL in non-sheltered class in terms of language nor academic content

Double enrollment in a paired content class and language class

Typically implemented in tertiary level, but successful cases have been reported at secondary level as well

Coordination of objectives and assignments by the content instructor and the language instructor becomes the key

It is content-based in that the language class is dictated by the content class
Krashen (1984)
Long (1996)
negotiation of meanings
"learn communication strategies"
(1985, 1993, 2005)
Vygotsky (1986)
Theoretical supports for CBLT
comprehensible input
"focus on what is being said"
comprehensible/pushed output
hypothesis testing
metalinguistic reflection
Sociocultural approaches
zone of proximal development
inner speech
more recently →
Lyster (2007) proposed counter-balanced instruction
Teacher's role is to assist students balance their focus between
content learning
classroom discourse
target language learning

Also influenced by DeKeyser's Skill-Acquisition theory
the need for practice in the context of meaningful use of the language form (e.g., hypothetical) is emphasized
Cummins (1980, 2000) distinguished between
everyday conversation vs.

habit of reading is starting to be forgotten among ..

370, 371, 372
what differences/similarities do we see?
what do they tell us:
about the cultural practices?
about the ESL/EFL context?
about the modifications we need to make when adapting this Ch.?
What is CBLT?
Conceptual Underpinnings
Classroom Application
Future trends and Conclusion
Models of CBLT
Language-Focused Instruction
Academic Language
Preparing Teachers to Integrate Language and Content
Objectives, learning outcomes, and standards
Instructional strategies
Example of Content-Based Activities
Future trends
Ch 28 Content-Based and Immersion Models of Second/Foreign Language Teaching
Immersion Education
Theme-Based Model
Sheltered Model

Adjunct Model
Standards and Accountability
What is content?
GT - grammatical structure of the TL
AL - grammatical structure + vocabulary + sound patterns
CLT - learner's communication purpose
Natural Ap - language for problem solving

Content is the subject matter (be it academic or occupational)
In line with
English for specific purposes
Aims to teach language as well as content
Also known as CLIL in Europe
CBLT is an umbrella term for SFL teaching that aims for language content integrated instruction
Numerous CBLT have emerged in recent years
How do we distinguish them?
By settings (ESL, EFL)
By the target learners (language majority/minority)
By level (elementary, secondary, post-secondary)
By language-content balance (language/content driven)
Perhaps the prototype of CBLT

Started in Montreal, Canada in 1965.

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