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There are 3 components of Fordism.

P.S. Did you really call us paranoid, mock and mimic our supposed paranoia, and then confirm that we should in fact be paranoid becuase Karma has it out for us? Unreal.

“Fordism combines the manufacturing division of labour with Taylorism and adds the moving line”(A.

I am becoming sick each time I watch on TV the demontsrations agianst the war in Iraq or the Parisian hooligan bands looting small stores on Rue des Écoles… As an incorrigible optimist, I believe that human stupidity should have limits. Those who do not want to fight and are eager to die should simply commit suicide NOW and leave the world alone to defend itself against the Islamic plague. How could these people forget the million-strong ‘peace’ demonstrations in 1940! They are trying to pull us back to this stage.

Creating a job plan to set out the simplest of tasks for the workers.

If the band works well together, the final performance might have fewer mistakes.

Between the departure and return of the Company steamer, Kayerts and Carlier are free from civilization’s rules, morals, and beliefs that facilitate a chain of command, trade, and comfortable living.

II.b) An evolution of ‘tight’ fit models introducing flexibility: configurational approach
In response to this limit, amongst others, Delery and Doty (1996:808) propose the ‘configurational model’ where horizontal integration (the internal development of HR strategy) is introduced for aiming toward better implementation of vertical integration.

Hoffman, 2009, “Taylorism and Fordism”, quote found on page 3J.

According to Alekinskii, in 1897, 435,000 civilians worked for the public bureaucratic sector.

Usually, managers employ these strategies to strive for high performance levels as well as admirable competitive advantage for business establishments.

I feel it has provided for more chances of equality because the opportunities have grown and one can now choice what options according to what is available to them....

Though it can be costly for the business.
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Max Weber is known for his analysis of the bureaucratic institution.

You MUST be willing to engage in genocidal-like attacks in order to break the will of the enemy to fight. There is no other way, and this has been proven throughout history. You MUST be absolutely merciless right up to the point when the enemy realizes there is no way to break your will to destroy them. Only AFTER full and complete ideological surrender is there room for mercy and reconciliation. You CANNOT wage a humane war. That is the epitome of an oxymoron. It is foolish to even try. Either avoid war entirely, or pursue it with the absolute highest level of venom, hatred and violence. There is no middle ground.

Gramsci Americanism and Fordism will be available on

Nothing less than this resolve will be required to win our current conflict with the Islamic world. While we don’t have to plan for wholesale extermination of 2 billion people, the recent videos showing Islamists training their grade school and junior age children to behead prisoners, and otherwise gleefully engage in executions show the folly of believing that we can spare women and children, and avoid attacking the civilization itself. The desire to view warfare as something we can antisceptically engage in is pure foolishness, and is why the West has failed to decisively win any wars since 1945.

This called for a shift to a new, improved way of organizing work.

All good lies are based on half-truths, misrepresented out of context. America has become a symbol of racism and imperialism. Yet these are the sins of all of humanity, not just the US. We are the scapegoat for the modern victimization cult. Things will get dramatically worse before it gets better. Western liberals are the centerpiece of Osama bin Laden’s plan, which like Stalin’s, continues long after death…

Will the health care reform bill cut costs as we are being told....

I am not at all sanguine about the prospect of resolving the situation without resorting to a near-genocidal war. The last war the West decisively won was WWII, and in that war, we eventually got to the point of demonizing Germans and Japanese so that we justified mass bombing of civilian populations without regard for casualties. Certainly, we did not engage in the systematic imprisonment and then extermination of different people groups in society as the Nazi’s did. But we did have to get past our squirmishness with attacking women and children, factories, roads, food supplies, etc. in order to gain a decisive Victory. Fire-bombing Berlin and Tokyo, and dropping nuclear bombs in Japan was seen a necessary and virtuous in order to bring the enemy into full subjugation.

It all seemed rather cold, and formal.

A trivially important fact that he was born of Sardinia, his philosophy is of the same ground as what birthed Soviet Russia, and for that matter, the same philosophical ground that birthed Cambodia’s skull pyramids and the the Shining Path. Robespierre got it in the end.

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