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Radioactivity and its effects essays about education

Radioactivity can be described as the impulsive release of energy from atoms that are not constant. This happens because the atoms release radioactive materials from the nucleus as they decompose. The elements involved in this radioactive process include uranium, thorium and other potassium that have been broken. The radioactivity process occurs when too many neutrons are released to form a beta particle, thus changing a neutron into a proton (Howell, 2008). The same happens when too many protons are released into the nucleus forming a positron; this changes the proton into a neutron. This whole energy releases a gamma ray, which discards great energy without changing any nucleus particles. Radioactivity is not a biological process but a physical process

Radioactivity and its effects essays on friendship

Radioactive decay has been described in broader terms as the natural breakdown of an unstable atomic nucleus to release its energy. It occurs when a nuclide changes to its nuclear form into another form, and this is called transmutation. The release of energy occurs when a radionuclide with a certain type of nucleus transforms into another form of atom, which has a different nucleus state, and this is often called the daughter nuclide. This happens because the atom is usually unstable and will always seek to stabilize. It is not possible to predict when it can occur, since it is random. Nuclear decay is of three types: alpha decay, gamma decay and beta decay. Alpha decay occurs in a nucleus that has many protons in it thus repulsing greatly, and a helium nucleus is released in an attempt to reduce the repulsion. When neutron ratio to proton is very high in the nucleus, these amounts to instability, and a neutron is turned into a proton and an electron, which is then emitted from the nucleus, hence beta decay occurs. The third type of decay is the gamma decay that occurs when the nuclear has too much energy in it, and nucleus changes from high-level energy to lower level. In the process, a high-energy particle is released, which is the gamma particle or ray (BookRags, 2011).

Radioactivity and its effects essays on love

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The idea of RFID chips (Radioactive Frequency Identification) has already been put into place by many large companies and businesses however most civilians don’t even know they probably own products or clothing with RFID chip implanted in them.

As the amount of spent nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear reactors and high-level radioactive waste from defense-related processing plants has continued to mount, the issue has become increasingly contentious and politicized.2 The politicization of this issue is especially evident in the site selection process of a permanent national repository for the disposal of highly radioactive waste....

Radioactivity and its effects essays online

Radioactivity and its effects essays on success

Radioactivity or radiation gives high standards of health and quality life. Throughout the world, radioactivity has proved its medicinal purpose (Howell, 2008). In the United States, statistics show that 30 million Americans in hospitals are diagnosed or treated with this technique (Bonche, 2007). Isotopes are the major components that are used in healthcare because isotopes have specific radioactive properties containing medicinal value. Tracers, which are considered as radioactive materials, help in diagnosing bone scans, kidney scans and many others. These isotopes are labeled radioactively so that they may identify the strange bodily processes. The use of special cameras to take pictures in the various ailing areas is used to detect the internal workings in the bone.

Radioactivity is experienced all the time and most of the radioactivity comes from natural processes. Many people think of radioactivity as being harmful to a person but in reality, it has many uses. Today, many developed countries such as Japan and the United States use radioactivity to produce energy such as electricity. It is also used for treatment of patients such as radiotherapy and scanning and other medical examinations. It is also applied in dating of artifacts in archeology, and still, in big ships it is used to run the big engines. These are very good applications of radioactive decay. However, it has disadvantage, such as, if exposed to the environment, it can have a long-term effect, and still, there are those who use it in proliferation of nuclear weapons. If well applied, it can be of great benefit to human race since it does not emit harmful gases that ruin the environment, except the radioactive waste that can be well stored to avoid leaking to the environment.

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But radioactivity can also be a way of healing people

The rate at which a radioactive element decays is expressed in terms
of its half-life; i.e., the time required for one-half of any given
quantity of the isotope to decay.

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In the past two decades, research has been done on Yucca Mountain in order to assess the effectiveness of the location to become the nation’s comprehensive nuclear repository, AKA a Giant Radioactive Mountain.

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Though the most massive and most energetic of emissions, the particle is the shortest in range because of its strong interaction with matter. The electromagnetic ray is extremely penetrating, even penetrating considerable thicknesses of concrete. The electron of radioactivity strongly interacts with matter and has a short range.

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The radioactive processes are very useful because when a patient is diagnosed using a bone scan, it is easier to detect cancer 6 to 18 months earlier than if one would have an x-ray performed for diagnosis. Radioactivity is used for the purpose of biomedical research. It helps in the researching of causes and treatment for fatal diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS and gout. Testing of pharmaceutical drugs is 80% done using radioactivity (Zimmermann, 2007).

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In this day and time, the use of gamma rays is recognized for its worth, and how supple and adaptable it is. Apart from treatment and diagnosis, it is used for sterilizing very many products and it is known for its cost-effectiveness. However, this process not only applies today but it relevantly has a great trend in the future (Bonche, 2007). In 30 or so years to come, the aged will be a lot much greater than today due to the high quality techniques adopted. The demand for radioactive services expands from time to time and it is of great significance for patients with unmanageable diseases. As much as predicting the future is difficult, the radioactive trend is seen to bear fruits. Radioactive diagnosis will not only be centered in major hospitals but also private health practioners will be able to offer these services in the comfort of their clinics.

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