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Creative writing for students interested in exploring female experience through different literary forms. The first half of the course is nonfiction prose (journals, essays); in the second half, students choose to do fiction, poetry, or dramatic writing. Readings by contemporary female writers. Prerequisites: , , , or junior standing. (F or S,Y)
Attributes: 3A, FA, WGS, WGS3
3 Credits

Odysseus possesses superhuman strength and the ability to withstand harsh conditions.

This seminar aims to be foundational, that is, to be useful to you, regardless of your interests or theoretical disposition. After an introductory class in which I will lay out some of the terms and distinctions that have survived and proven their usefulness, we will spend the next two weeks probing issues connected to the fabula/sjuzhet distinction, first formulated by Tomashevsky and ever since at the center of narrative theory. The next two weeks will focus on the reader/audience of narrative, with the second of these weeks devoted to contributions from the sciences of cognition. Week 6 looks in the other direction (though it isn't exactly the other direction) toward the author, real or implied, dead or alive. I attach a great deal of importance to the disputed concept of closure, both present and absent, needed and feared, so we will spend week 7 on it. Week 8 is broadly concerned with questions relating to the representation of the real in narrative, including history, autobiography, and self-understanding. Finally, we will look at some of the work that has been done on narrative in film. There has been much study of narrative in other media as well, but outside the verbal modes of narrative, film seems to be where most of the action is.

I put much stress on discussion in seminars and therefore on participation. Students will also have several opportunities to introduce our discussions. I will explain more about how this works when we meet on the 5th. I like to have a short piece of writing (4-5 pages) before the middle of the quarter as a get-acquainted exercise (you with me, I with you), but the major written work will be the long essay. The last meeting of the course will be a colloquium (with terminal pizza obbligato) in which each student reports on his or her work in progress.

Free ithaca papers, essays, and research papers

Essentially, he is making a journey to save his family and the country he rules, Ithaka.

For your fame has reached broad heaven itself, like that of some illustrious king."(Page 289,Book 19, The Odyssey) Penelope played one of the most vital roles in Homer's timeless classic ‘The Odyssey’, as both Odysseus's patient and loving wife and as the Queen of Ithaca.

He, among countless others, harbors high regards for Odysseus, the mastermind of the Trojan War turned lost sailor. However, the epic poem is sprinkled with the actions of gods and goddesses pushing Odysseus towards his path home to Ithaka, giving the mortal war hero little exposure to the limelight. So when does all the high and mighty talk of Odysseus' power prove true? Only in the absence of godly intervention can the title character live up to h...

Essays and Non Fiction | Beautiful Desolation

Odysseus is a man with a penetrating mind as well as outstanding valor; however, a weakness of Odysseus is his sensualness.

Richardson, Brian. Unlikely Stories: Causality and the Nature of Modern Narrative.
Newark: U of Delaware P, 1997.
Richter, David H. Fable's End: Completeness and Closure in Rhetorical Fiction.
Chicago: U of Chicago P. 1974.

Service as a teacher's apprentice in a 100-level writing course, correcting and commenting onstudent papers, tutoring, leading class exercises or discussions, and participating in conferences. To be eligible, students must have completed two writing courses above level 1, with at least one B and one A- as final grades; should have successfully completed the course to which they are apprenticing; and should have a desire to work with students enrolled in Academic Writing I or II, Personal Essay, or Argument. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor. (F-S,Y)
3 Credits

In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus goes through many challenges and is faced with his biggest weakness: his hubris or excessive pride.
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Posts about Essays and Non Fiction written by Cliff Burns

An author states in her online article, “She is a Goddess with several functions, a complex character, and as an individual she represents the dual nature of the feminine as both light and dark in a subtle, integrated/harmonious/in accordance way” (LeVan, par.

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An advanced workshop for students with a serious commitment to writing fiction. Builds on the work begun in . Students may write short stories or longer fictional pieces. Prerequisites: Junior standing; . (F-S,Y)
Attributes: FA
3 Credits

Writing - School of Humanities and Sciences - Ithaca …

February 23 Narrative & the representation of actual events: history, autobiography, etiology: In this session we bear down on two related issues - "truth" in narrative (and particularly the issue of narrative distortion in the representations of "actual" events) and the role of narrative in self-representation & self-understanding.

Demonstration text: McCarthy, Mary. "Yonder Peasant, Who Is He?" (Reader)

Essays for discussion:
White, Hayden. "The Historical Text as Literary Artifact" (Richardson)
Armstrong, Nancy & Leonard Tennenhouse. "History, Poststructuralism, and the Question of Narrative" (Reader)
Dolezel, Lubomír. "Fictional and Historical Narrative: Meeting the Postmodernist Challenge" (Herman)
Bruner, Jerome. "The Narrative Construction of Reality" (Reader)
Nelson, Katherine. "Finding One's Self in Time" (Reader)
Young, Katharine. "Narratives of Indeterminacy: Breaking the Medical Body into its Discourses" (Herman)

White, Hayden. "The Value of Narrativity in the Representation of Reality" (Mitchell)
Louis O. Mink, "Everyman His or Her Own Annalist" (Mitchell)
Marilyn Robinson Waldman, "The Otherwise Unnoteworthy Year 711" (Mitchell)
White, Hayden. "The Narrativization of Real Events" (Mitchell)

Offering New York State's only comprehensive B.A

February 9 The author: It turns out that little if anything was settled when Barthes and Foucault announced the death or irrelevance of the author. Issues connected with this subject remain as vital and usefully provocative as ever.

Demonstration text: James, Henry. "The Desolation Bench" (Reader)

Essays for discussion:
Barthes, Roland. "The Death of the Author" (Reader)
Foucault, Michel. "What is an Author?" (Reader)
Ginsburg, Ruth and Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan. "Is There a Life after Death?" (Herman)
Booth, Wayne. "Our Many Different Businesses with Art" (Reader)
Chatman, Seymour. "In Defense of the Implied Author" (Reader)

Booth, Wayne. "Telling as Showing: Dramatised Narrators, Reliable & Unreliable" (Booth)
Nünning, Ansgar. "Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Implied Author" (Anglistic 8 [1997]: 95-116)
Simion, Eugen. "Barthes as Biographer" and "Barthes: The Return of the Author to the Text" (Simion)

Imprint Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell ..

March 1 Narrative in film: This week brings us back to the limits of narrative (when is it narrative and when is it something else?). We will key our discussion to Bordwell's controversial and highly challenging use of the term "narration" in the analysis of film (already introduced in the third week of the seminar).

Demonstration text: Hitchcock, Alfred. Rear Window

Essays for discussion:
Chatman, Seymour. "What Novels Can Do That Films Can't (and Vice Versa)" (Reader)
Deleyto, Celestino. "Focalization in Film Narrative" (Reader)
Bordwell, David. "The Viewer's Activity" (Reader)
Chatman, Seymour. "The Cinematic Narrator" (Reader)
Thompson, Kristin. "The Concept of Cinematic Excess" (Reader)

Eisenstein, Sergei. "Dickens, Griffith, and Ourselves" (Eisenstein, Selected Works, vol III)
Branigan, Edward. "Narration" (Branigan).

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