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Greatest Character Strength essays

The most beautiful aspect of this strength of character is that it enables the precious few who possess it to look beyond the hazy curtain of their suffering and reach out to those around them, touching them with something that cannot be defined and will not be forgotten. Perhaps the reason that bad things always seem to happen to good people is that without a foundation of "goodness," this strength of character could not exist and all suffering would be in vain.

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This essay was the first thing I have ever read that made me cry. Last Thanksgiving, I lost my Aunt Dianne to ovarian cancer. I loved my aunt as I never will love anyone else, and I only realized this after it was too late to tell her. She had always been a wonderful person: warm, funny, and compassionate. I had felt she was the only person who really understood me, and I took it for granted that she would always be there to console me. Then, in December 1995, she was told she had cancer. Because she had kept her pain a secret until she was too ill to go on, the cancer advanced rapidly. After less than a year of fighting with chemotherapy that made her seem years older than her age of 55, my aunt was told that nothing more could be done. She lost her husband to liver cancer a month later, and saw her mortality on a daily basis. Yet the smile never left her face, and she never ceased to worry about those around her, neglecting her own needs.

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One of my greatest strengths at work that I have recognized would have to be my ability to be a well-organized individual....

Another illustration of the use of Greek views of character can befound in the writings of Karl Marx (1818–1883) and John StuartMill (1806–1873). Although Marx is best known for his virulentcriticism of capitalism and Mill for his exposition and defense ofliberal utilitarianism, these philosophers are treated together herebecause their approach to character is at crucial points deeplyAristotelian. Both Marx and Mill accept Aristotle’s insight that virtueand good character are based on a self-esteem and self-confidence thatarises from a satisfaction taken in the fully realized expression ofthe rational powers characteristic of human beings. They also acceptAristotle’s recognition that the production and preservation of thistype of self-esteem require that individuals be part of specificsocio-political structures. Aristotle emphasized the need for a specialtype of political community. Marx attended to smaller democraticworkplaces. Mill’s focus, still different, was on political equalityand equality in the family.

Marx’s early Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844is famous for the discussion of how the organization of work undercapitalism alienates workers and encourages them to accept the valuesof capitalist society. Workers who are committed to capitalist valuesare characterized primarily by self-interested attitudes. They are mostinterested in material advancement for themselves, they are distrustfulof others’ seemingly good intentions, and they view others primarily ascompetitors for scarce positions. Given these attitudes, they are proneto a number of vices, including cowardice, intemperance, and lack of generosity.

Reflective Essay on Personal Strengths

Patience is my greatest strength as a parent and individual which I possess especially being a single mother.

Says: This introduction is indeed compelling, but it raises important questions about appropriate content. Be careful to avoid writing a personal essay that is far too personal. You do not want your reader to think that you might have character weaknesses that prevent you from handling stressful situations well.

As I look back, my arrogance disgusts me. As long as I stayed with her and cared for her, I thought myself to be the giver, and she the receiver. How wrong I was! I doubt she received from my feeble ministrations a third of what I received from her wisdom and strength. As I did what little I could to offer her comfort, my Aunt Dianne gently counseled me with knowledge she had gained from 55 years of hard existence, never bitter, only concerned that I know how deceptive life can be. Before I knew it, she was gone. The only comfort to my grief is the realization that I witnessed something beautiful and rare. I saw true strength of character, and I was able to realize it and appreciate it. Even now, I cannot complain about petty gripes without seeing her face with its beautiful serene smile, in spite of the sickness and agony that riddled her body. I wish I could repay her for all she has taught me. Maybe, by taking a tiny piece of her strength and sharing it with others, I can.

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Philosophers influenced by the experimental tradition in socialpsychology conclude that people do not have the broadly based, stable,consistent traits of character that were of interest to the ancientand modern moralists, or to contemporary philosophers working withsome version of those views. Rather, the psychological studies aretaken to show that persons generally have only narrow,“local” traits that are not unified with other traits intoa wider behavioral pattern. Persons are helpful when in a good mood,say, but not helpful when in a hurry, or they are honest at home butnot honest at work.

My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

Such skepticism may be misplaced. For if good character is based onnaturally occurring psychological responses that most people(including persons brought up to embrace racist and sexist beliefs)experience without difficulty, then most people should be able tobecome better and to be responsible for actions that express (or couldexpress) their character.

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As indicated in the introduction to this entry, a renewedphilosophical interest in questions of virtue and character wasindirectly the result of the publication in 1971 of John Rawls’s ATheory of Justice. In contrast to many of his contemporaries whofocused on meta-ethical questions and the meaning of moral terms,Rawls (1921–2002) moved moral and political philosophy in a practicaldirection. Although Rawls’s profound indebtedness to Kant is clearin A Theory of Justice, it is Rawls’s discussion of moraldevelopment in Part III that has stimulated modern philosophers toexplore the psychological grounding of good moral character.

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In addition to exploring these psychological foundations of virtue,Hume seems to accord them a role that is reminiscent of theAristotelian view that virtue is a state in which reason and passionspeak with the same voice. Instead of making virtue and good charactersubordinate to the requirements of reason, as we saw in the natural lawtheorists and in Kant, Hume appears to give virtue and good characterroom to guide and constrain the deliberations of agents so as to affectwhat they determine to be best to do. By doing so, Hume goes some waytoward indicating how good character is different from continence.

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