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Industrialization was very beneficial to American business owners.

A mass extinction began when humans left Africa and with ancestors of , but it accelerated when that founder group of behaviorally modern humans . They quickly drove the , as well as the and . Once the inhabitable continents were filled with that founder group’s descendants, , humans independently domesticated plants and animals. The mass extinction continued with the Domestication Revolution, but in less spectacular fashion, usually via habitat destruction. The increasing density of human populations became the primary factor in driving other species to extinction, which were often local extinctions. Ancient and particularly drove north-African megafauna to extinction, but there were few other notable mass extinctions until . When they did, the greatest proportional demographic catastrophes since the extinction of all other human species began. Those same three continents earlier robbed of their megafauna were quickly shorn of their human populations, who were and and in the Americas. In the midst of that unprecedented disaster for , . Although industrialization raised the human standard of living as never before, as the energy of hydrocarbon fuels was exploited on a large scale for the first time, it also enabled greater environmental devastation. Humanity has been turning forests into deserts since the first civilizations (, , , , , , , , , ), and the only reason it has not gotten worse during the industrial era, at least in industrialized, nations, is because hydrocarbons instead of wood were burned. The extinction of the , in the midst of , were indicative of the vast damage that industrialized peoples could inflict on Earth’s ecosystems. Industrialization also accelerated Europe’s conquest of the world. It conquered and subjugated and peoples, reducing them to effective slavery and further devastating the ecosystems.

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In the 19th century the Industrial Revolution spread to the United Industrial Revolution In India Essay States, Germany, In Southeast Asia, India, and much of Latin America—areas that were

Industrialization had far-reaching effects on American society

[Guinsburg pp.279,283] The drought, the new industrialization, and the depression began to rearrange much of rural America.

After I first published this essay in September 2014, I read Paul Boyer's , which surveyed the reactions of Americans to dropping atom bombs on Japan. I read it in relation to my studies regarding the , but what struck me was how similar the reactions to the bombs were to how people view FE today. The primary difference, of course, is that everybody acknowledges that nuclear bombs exist and have been used, while almost nobody acknowledges today that FE technology exists, through , , or . Another obvious difference is that the first use of atomic energy was vaporizing a couple of cities. While the initial American reaction was celebratory and euphoric, it quickly became evident that the USA would not hold a monopoly on nuclear weapons forever, and fears of nuclear attack became part of the fabric of American consciousness, and by 1946, nearly half of Americans were amenable to the idea of a world government that could prevent a nuclear holocaust.

The deindustrialization and of the USA's economy since the energy crisis of 1973-1974 has also been class warfare by the global capitalist class against the global working class, in what has been called the "." But class warfare and other such strategies are doomed ways to maintain or enhance one's economic position, as energy is the basis for of the world’s wealth. The in the past generation, which further enrich the rich at the expense of the lower classes. If the American dollar loses its (more a question of when, rather than if), another subsidy to the American economy will disappear, which will further mark the USA's decline as an imperial power. There are , other than for people to get out of the way and stop suppressing FE and its attendant technologies, either consciously, as the , or mindlessly, as when the masses those trying to introduce FE and prevent , or unless there is immediate personal gain for doing so.

Industrialization of the 19th Century in America Essay

Of the important elements that influenced America in the nineteenth century, industrialization and immigration are the most significant....

As with previous Epochal Events, the advances in mental achievement were as dramatic as material changes. However, other than the , humans largely possessed the same cognitive equipment. If an infant girl from the that left Africa could have been placed in a home in an industrialized nation today, there is little reason to believe that she would not live a normal life. The changes in mental achievement during the journeys of have had little to do with biological changes and, in fact, in the past 30,000 years. Humanity’s material and mental changes were thoroughly interrelated. The human world became vastly more complex with the rise of industrialization, so much so that most people today have very little understanding of how their world actually works. It usually takes systems thinkers with scientific training to to understand the modern world’s complexities. For instance, about 95% of Americans are scientifically illiterate and have little idea where their energy comes from or how the myriad moving parts of their civilizations operate and interact. Americans are effective and are , and the rest of the industrialized world is close behind, but they have little idea where any of it comes from or how it was produced and delivered to them.

The tremendous economic crisis of the 1930s that had a crushing and widespread impact on Latin America; precipitated by the global economic depression, forced Latin American nations to re-evaluate this exogenous economic growth model and to transform their economic policies in the direction of long-neglected diversification of the economy, particularly toward an endogenous model oriented to industrialization....

Manufacturing needs from the Civil War, advances in science and technology shifted the American economy into industrialization.
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America Industrial Revolution Essay

Ultimately, the success of the Mexican, Brazilian, and Chilean silent film industries was dependent on one or more of the following: the heavy industrialization of the industry, substantial state support in the form of quotas and tariffs on imported foreign films, and significant tax breaks. The most successful national industries were those that aimed for a limited domestic market, but in the end these small film industries were at the mercy of political and economic upheavals. Finally, although these three countries stand out because they were able to start domestic motion picture industries during the silent era, primarily by capitalizing on national themes and stories, they never approached the size of Hollywood’s industrial machine nor did they challenge its ascendancy over the Latin American film market. It is safe to say that although we distinguish successful national efforts and projects in the silent era, it is clear that the US motion picture industry inhibited the growth of individual domestic film industries.

Industrialization in America Essay -- U.S. History

A major obstacle to scholarship is the absence or loss of materials. Even in the case of Mexico, researchers have not been able to rely on the films themselves since the majority of silent Mexican motion pictures have disappeared or were destroyed. Dramatically, a devastating fire at the Cineteca Nacional, Mexico’s national film archives, destroyed over 6,000 films and ancillary materials in 1982. Without the films themselves, scholars have had to rely on other archived materials. The Chilean case is as unfortunate. Only a few Chilean silent films out of more than eighty feature-length films produced between 1898 and 1936 survive. The history of the period must therefore be constructed from photographs, newspaper clippings, essays by filmmakers, and published reviews of films. In the words of Chilean scholar Eliana Jara, echoing Giuliana Bruno on the work of the Italian filmmaker , the situation of Latin American silent cinema remains a “ruined map” (Bruno 1993).

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In the 19th Industrial Revolution In India Essay century the Industrial Revolution spread Industrial Revolution In India Essay to the United States, Germany, In Southeast Asia, India, and Industrial Revolution In India Essay much of Latin America—areas that were

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