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dubois double consciousness"1

Two of the most significant and distinguished concepts fostered by both of these theorists are the concepts of “double consciousness” and “the stranger”.

W.E.B. Du Bois (1868–1963). The Souls of Black Folk. 1903. Chapter I. Of Our Spiritual Strivings

Beginning with Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in any references to reincarnation were thoroughly expunged during the finalizing of the New Testament. Furthermore at the Second Council of Constantinople in 533 AD the Roman government officially outlawed the concept of reincarnation on pain of excommunication, even death; this was reaffirmed twice again at Councils in Lyons and Florence in 1274 and 1439. There is no doubt that the Christian church chose to thoroughly expunge the concept of reincarnation from Western consciousness to keep firm control over the gates that lead to Heaven or Hell - the supposedly only possible destination for the afterlife. Due to this bias, it is quite possible that acceptance of the implications of the higher functions of the pineal gland may meet with some resistance. Coming to terms with reincarnation is coming to terms with the ecology of spirit; nothing is wasted.

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It would be a good idea to tie the whole issue back into Du Bois' double-consciousness with a sentence or two.

We feel that double consciousness is one way you are made aware that you are different from other people, whether it be in class or race, and you are left out of the in crowd because of those factors.

Du Bois introduces the idea of double consciousness, an ideology that defines African Americans seeking to reconcile two different cultures that create their modern identity.

Free College Essays: Double Consciousness

Consciousness is defined as the state of being mentally aware of something: oneself, in this essay....

The previous mentioned brain sand/DMT/pinealocyte sequencemay not be the DMT Rosetta stone, but it is a good candidate for explaining the visual aspects of the OBE experience. But the OBE is usually more than just a visual experience, it can involve a full-body awareness as well. A possible scenariofor body consciousness shift could be the DMT/orch-or tubulin /thalamus sequence where DMT-stimulated cellular brain tubulin encourages consciousness fluidity while the DMT-enhanced thalamus allows body identity to shift from the resident earthly body to the brain-sand-defined holographic visual context: , or body consciousness shift could be traced to the spinal cervical ganglion connection with the pineal gland. The first (pineal brain sand) scenario offers a mode for holographic space-time demodulation, which, seemingly, only the birefringent brain sand can offer and the second scenario (body consciousness shift via tubulin) provides for body consciousness transfer which may also involve calcite sand modules in the cerebellum. Perhaps the DMT Rosetta incorporates both of these possibilities - an orchestration of all of the above. Although, a great more research needs to be done on the tubulin/DMT consciousness shift phenomena as well as the thalamus body consciousness shift. So far, research in this area, if it has been done, is not yet available to the public. Andrew Gallimore (from the essay above) furthermore conjectures that this DMT-enhancement of consciousness is actually an atavistic mechanism that was exercised to a much greater degree by our ancient ancestors, as do the McKenna brothers. Perhaps we may be barking up the wrong tree, but some day investigating the true meaning of "sand" may end up being as significant as investigating the "junk" in DNA. For a start, see the brain sand research of Baconnier, Lang, Hilczer, Berkovic and Meshulam:

50% of the flat laser light impacts the film while 50% radiates off the object as a curved wave,
after film is developed and illuminated by laser light, viewer can see a 3D virtual image of the object

Now we have to make a jump. We'll take this phenomenon a step further: how would a 3-dimensional holographic medium support a 3-dimensional image? Why even consider this question? What would a 3D holographic medium look like? Instead of finding the interwoven concentric circles that we would find etched on a 2D holographic plate, we would find interwoven 3D concentric spheres occupying a 3D medium. This concept of a 3D hologram is what many theorists are contemplating as the framework for memory retention in the human brain, and, in fact, 3-dimensional holographic storage systems are already being considered for computers. It takes a vivid imagination to even visualize such a reality, but many theorists including Dr. Pribram are considering that our memories are stored holographically. For example, when humans lose large parts of their brains, they still retain their memories though with less clarity, a quality that holograms exhibit, and there are other similarities as well, see abstract: The Brain as a Conscious System by Marcer and Schemp at:
A 3D hologram does not reside in a plane, it resides in a plenum or space. It is a triaxial hologram. Just as the image impression stored on at 2-dimensional hologram plate appear as concentric circles, our memories are stored in a 3-dimensional holographic field as oscillating concentric spheres locked into a holographic matrix supported by scalar waveforms. Visit:

Interference patterns on this 2D holographic plate will produce a 3D virtual image when illuminated by a laser

According to Dr. Carl Pribram, memory is holographically stored as continually oscillating pulsations that endlessly resonate in the matrix dendritic pathways of neurons and glial cells that support a 3D holographic matrix of the brain. The fact that the DNA of brain cells can produce scalar or coherent light may further support this theory. This biophotonic light can generate and support a scalar wave environment. Individual memories may be coalesced out of the 3D oscillating holographic brain field by consciousness using a form of selective Fourier reduction. Fourier analysis was discovered by Joseph Fourier, the French mathematician. Take the final movement of Beethoven's 9th where the chorus and the orchestra are in full swing, if one were to isolate the total compound sound wave at any one moment, it would reveal a very complex waveform. Through Fourier analysis, one can isolate single waves, each separate voice, every single instrument. It may be through some form of neurological Fourier reduction that the brain is able to access every memory from the holographic memory field.

Holographic organization may extend further than the brain, in fact, it has been surmised that the "dark" universe and the memory information stored therein is also a holographic reality, hence the holographic space-time theory, and it is further conjectured that the pineal gland may be able to access this holographic space-time reality via the unique properties of endogenous DMT in concert with corpora arenacea or "brain sand". Just as the term "junk" DNA is being revised by ENCODE scientists delving further into the properties of seemingly useless DNA, so to may the term "sand" be revised by future scientists who may discover that these randomly suspended multicrystalline particles that have been purposefully created as a component of our brain and particularly the pineal gland may actually function as an amorphous crystalline antenna matrix.

The child is then made aware that he/she is different, and that is when double consciousness comes into play.
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Free W.E.B. dubois double consciousness Essays and …

Robartes copied out and gave to Aherne several mathematical diagrams from the , squares and spheres, cones made up of revolving gyres intersecting each other at various angles, figures sometimes with great complexity. His explanation of these, obtained invariably from the followers of Kusta-ben-Luki, is founded upon a single fundamental thought. The mind, whether expressed in history or in the individual life, has a precise movement, which can be quickened or slackened but cannot be fundamentally altered, and this movement can be expressed by a mathematical form. A plant or an animal has an order of development peculiar to it, a bamboo will not develop evenly like a willow nor a willow from joint to joint, and both have branches, that lessen and grow more light as they rise, and no characteristic of the soil can alter these things. A poor soil may indeed check or stop the movement and rich prolong and quicken it. Mendel has shown that his sweet-peas bred long and short, white and pink varieties in certain mathematical proportions, suggesting a mathematical law governing the transmission of parental characteristics. To the Judwalis, as interpreted by Michael Robartes, all living minds have likewise a fundamental mathematical movement, however adapted in plant, or animal, or man to particular circumstance; and when you have found this movement and calculated its relations, you can foretell the entire future of that mind. A supreme religious act of their faith is to fix the attention on the mathematical form of this movement until the whole past and future of humanity, or of an individual man, shall be present to the intellect as if it were accomplished in a single moment. The intensity of the Beatific Vision when it comes depends, upon the intensity of this realisation. It is possible in this way, seeing that death itself is marked upon the mathematical figure, which passes beyond it, to follow the soul into the highest heaven and the deepest hell. This doctrine is, they contend, not fatalistic because the mathematical figure is an expression of the mind's desire and the more rapid the development of the figure the greater the freedom of the soul. The figure while the soul is in the body, or suffering from the consequences of that life, is usually drawn as a double cone, the narrow end of each cone being in the centre of the broad end of the other.It has its origin from a straight line which represents, now time, now emotion, now subjective life, and a plane at right angles to this line which represents, now space, now intellect, now objective life; while it is marked out by two gyres which represent the conflict, as it were, of plane and line, by two movements, which circle about a centre because a movement outward on the plane is checked and in turn checks a movement onward upon the line; & the circling is always narrowing or spreading, because one movement or other is always the stronger. In other words, the human soul is always moving outward into the objective world or inward into itself; & this movement is double because the human soul would not be conscious were it not suspended between contraries, the greater the contrast the more intense the consciousness. The man, in whom the movement inward is stronger than the movement outward, the man who sees all reflected within himself, the subjective man, reaches the narrow end of a gyre at death, for death is always, they contend, even when it seems the result of accident, preceded by an intensification of the subjective life; and has a moment of revelation immediately after death, a revelation which they describe as his being carried into the presence of all his dead kindred, a moment whose objectivity is exactly equal to the subjectivity of death. The objective man on the other hand, whose gyre moves outward, receives at this moment the revelation, not of himself seen from within, for that is impossible to objective man, but of himself as if he were somebody else. This figure is true also of history, for the end of an age, which always receives the revelation of the character of the next age, is represented by the coming of one gyre to its place of greatest expansion and of the other to that of its greatest contraction. At the present moment the life gyre is sweeping outward, unlike that before the birth of Christ which was narrowing, and has almost reached its greatest expansion. The revelation which approaches will however take its character from the contrary movement of the interior gyre. All our scientific, democratic, fact-accumulating, heterogeneous civilization belongs to the outward gyre and prepares not the continuance of itself but the revelation as in a lightning flash, though in a flash that will strike only in one place, and will for a time be constantly repeated, of the civilization that must slowly take its place. This is too simple a statement, for much detail is possible. There are certain points of stress on outer and inner gyre, a division of each, now into ten, now into twenty-eight, stages or phases. However in the exposition of this detail so far as it affects their future, Robartes had little help from the Judwalis either because they cannot grasp the events outside their experience, or because certain studies seem to them unlucky. '"For a time the power" they have said to me,' (writes Robartes) '"will be with us, who are as like one another as the grains of sand, but when the revelation comes it will not come to the poor but to the great and learned and establish again for two thousand years prince & vizier. Why should we resist? Have not our wise men have marked it upon the sand, and it is because of these marks, made generation after generation by the old for the young, that we are named Judwalis."'
Their name means makers of measures, or as we would say, of diagrams.

dubois double consciousness papers, essays, ..

Du Bois raises awareness to a psychological challenge of African Americans, known as “double - consciousness,” as a result of living in two worlds: the world of the predominant white race and the African American community....

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