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They can .Security Guards News.

Private security guards are now more numerous in the US than sworn officers. Do we want the guys at Walmart responding in the same fashion that they do at nightclubs in Tel Aviv? There are already a lot of violations of civil rights going on (up to and including unlawful detention though we'd say 'kidnapping')

If security guards are ineffective and unqualified, it is because people want them that way.

So yeah, security guards are a bit of security theater, but useful theater even though they aren't all that useful in the context of a real smash-and-grab. But one thing is clear, as the murder of a K-Mart security guard in Michigan makes clear -- you shouldn't expect them to actually handle an incident in progress once it turns violent. That guard tried to keep a couple from driving off with a couple hundred dollars of stolen CD's. He should have just called the cops, he'd be alive now. Undoubtedly he violated K-Mart's own security policy, and paid with his life.

A security guard told me to stop taking photos of City buildings.

Where I used to work, the first round of security guards were from a security company.

The presence of a guard changes the way people interact with each other, the built environment, and the enterprise being visited. Properly trained and supervised guards can enhance customer service. Guards can increase perception of personal safety, comfort, and confidence in the minds of staff, visitors, and the public. In egregious cases this can become “Security Theater,” but to the average person perception is reality. The presence of a guard provides an observant person someone to report their concerns to. A guard may be in a position to notice unusual behaviour.

For every snarky commentator there are hundreds of persons who are comforted by the presence of a reasonably attentive security guard operating under an appropriate set of instructions. There are certainly many poor examples of manned guarding. They are routinely the result of management not knowing what they want or how to ask for it or guarding firms operating under a commodity business model that supplies labor by the pound. Poorly done guarding is the bane of a true security professional’s practice. Properly done, manned guarding a critical component of a balanced security program.

Security Guard and Hotel Essay - 1321 Words | Majortests

It turns out, the security guards were stealing equipment and items from employee's desks.

the security guards should be provided with a booth that has lexan two inches thick, just like the clerks at the local superamerica store have. then they could give him a telephone to call police and he wouldn't have to use his whistle on the customers who act suspicious.

I worked as a security guard back in the 90s, and I can say that many of these observations are correct. I was unarmed, barely trained, and my job was mostly to write down bits of info in a notebook such as "guard X on patrol verified that door Y is locked." I opened doors in the dead of night for vendors from half a mile away (no way to verify their ID). If you ever wanted to break in to the business in question, the easiest way would be to show up 15 minutes ahead of the real donut guy in a uniform that looks sort of like his and say "Donuts!" into the intercom. Boom, you're in.

'Remember Schneier's Law:
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Security Guard and Guard Duty Essay.

I don't necessarily disagree with the point, but I have a small question. The insurance industry, whatever one may think of it, employs a lot of very smart people. And those smart people are primarily engaged in one endeavor, namely, evaluating risk. So if insurance premiums actually are lower if you have a security guard, you have to wonder why. Is the insurance industry just wrong?

Robots are becoming security guards. 'Once it gets …

Firms that provide security guards have also learned that providing the least qualified individuals and the lowest level of service for the highest possible hourly rate is the way to get ahead in the business. Effective guards are too expensive and carry a high level of risk. This is an unfortunate reality of the contract security business.

Robots are becoming security guards

However, I can say that in our case, the guards served a very important purpose: employee reassurance. One of our employees had been attacked, brutally raped, and killed, in a company parking lot, while walking to her car after work. After that, we were hired. We checked that doors were locked, and just walked around doing nearly nothing, but employees saw us and liked that we were there. Any employee could request a security escort from the building to their car, which made employees happy, especially female employees at the site where the attack took place.

Security Guard and Dependable Security Agency Essay …

Security guards are usually privately.A security guard, security officer, or protective agent is a private person who is hired to protect an organization's assets from a variety of hazards (such as waste, .Read this essay on Security Guard - Code of Conduct.

The Reluctant Security Guard Essay - 1606 Words | Cram

One night, the fire alarm went off. The day shift security managers conducted fire drills a few times a year, and yet this is what happened: most of the employees (IT people working late) ran downstairs, *underground* to my office to look in my window for direction. I had to actually tell them to go back *up* to ground level and get the hell outside. Then, the emergency manager called me and said she had been paged that the fire alarm went off, and wanted to know if we were conducting a drill. I knew that she scheduled the drills, so I asked her "I don't know, did you schedule a drill? That's your job, right?" She hung up, hopefully feeling like an idiot. I was dumbfounded that these people had not only not gone outside, but had actually come down to the basement level to ask me what to do. Didn't they learn in grade school that when a building is on fire you go outside?

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