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If he can refute the Trinity, then Allah wins by default.

There is a delightful passage in Leslie Paul's "The Living Hedge"which tells how a number of small boys enjoyed themselves for days arguingabout an extraordinary shower of rain which had fallen in their town--ashower so localized that it left one half of the main street wet and theother dry. Could one, they argued, properly say that it had rained thatday on or over the town or only in the town? How many drops of water wererequired to constitute rain? And so on. Argument about this led on to ahost of similar problems about rest and motion, sleep and waking, est andnon est, and the infinitesimal division of time. The whole passage is anadmirable example of the spontaneous development of the ratiocinative facultyand the natural and proper thirst of the awakening reason for the definitionof terms and exactness of statement. All events are food for such an appetite.

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Now the first thing we notice is that two at any rate of these "subjects"are not what we should call "subjects" at all: they are onlymethods of dealing with subjects. Grammar, indeed, is a "subject"in the sense that it does mean definitely learning a language--at thatperiod it meant learning Latin. But language itself is simply the mediumin which thought is expressed. The whole of the Trivium was, in fact, intendedto teach the pupil the proper use of the tools of learning, before he beganto apply them to "subjects" at all. First, he learned a language;not just how to order a meal in a foreign language, but the structure ofa language, and hence of language itself--what it was, how it was put together,and how it worked. Secondly, he learned how to use language; how to definehis terms and make accurate statements; how to construct an argument andhow to detect fallacies in argument. Dialectic, that is to say, embracedLogic and Disputation. Thirdly, he learned to express himself in language--how to say what he had to say elegantly and persuasively.

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To restrict action,however, to only that in accord with some preferred conception of the "rationallypermissible" would smother the trial-and-error process whereby mankindadvances; to eliminate the spontaneous and undesigned must induce the declineof both human intelligence and civilization, both of which progress onlyby grappling with the unknown and the unpredictable.

He was captivated by the wondrous order-within-complexitygenerated by this suprarational social process and wished to defend itagainst that rationalistic mentality which refuses to comprehend the significanceof tradition and custom.

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However, it is in the highest degree improbable that the reforms I proposewill ever be carried into effect. Neither the parents, nor the trainingcolleges, nor the examination boards, nor the boards of governors, northe ministries of education, would countenance them for a moment. For theyamount to this: that if we are to produce a society of educated people,fitted to preserve their intellectual freedom amid the complex pressuresof our modern society, we must turn back the wheel of progress some fouror five hundred years, to the point at which education began to lose sightof its true object, towards the end of the Middle Ages.

Have you ever, in listening to a debate among adult and presumably responsiblepeople, been fretted by the extraordinary inability of the average debaterto speak to the question, or to meet and refute the arguments of speakerson the other side? Or have you ever pondered upon the extremely high incidenceof irrelevant matter which crops up at committee meetings, and upon thevery great rarity of persons capable of acting as chairmen of committees?And when you think of this, and think that most of our public affairs aresettled by debates and committees, have you ever felt a certain sinkingof the heart?

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1. Pick a significant topic that has a current news angle and would interestreaders.
2. Collect information and facts; include objective reporting; do research
3. State your opinion briefly in the fashion of a thesis statement
4. Explain the issue objectively as a reporter would and tell why thissituation is important
5. Give opposing viewpoint first with its quotations and facts
6. Refute (reject) the other side and develop your case using facts, details,figures, quotations. Pick apart the other side's logic.
7. Concede a point of the opposition — they must have some good points you canacknowledge that would make you look rational.
8. Repeat key phrases to reinforce an idea into the reader's minds.
9. Give a realistic solution(s) to the problem that goes beyond commonknowledge. Encourage critical thinking and pro-active reaction.
10. Wrap it up in a concluding punch that restates your opening remark (thesisstatement).
11. Keep it to 500 words; make every work count; never use "I"

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This fallacy is a type of Red Herring because the arguer is attempting to refute the other side's position, and in the context is required to do so, but instead attacks a position not held by the other side.

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Are you occasionally perturbed by the things written by adult men andwomen for adult men and women to read? We find a well-known biologist writingin a weekly paper to the effect that: "It is an argument against theexistence of a Creator" (I think he put it more strongly; but sinceI have, most unfortunately, mislaid the reference, I will put his claimat its lowest)--"an argument against the existence of a Creator thatthe same kind of variations which are produced by natural selection canbe produced at will by stock breeders." One might feel tempted tosay that it is rather an argument for the existence of a Creator. Actually,of course, it is neither; all it proves is that the same material causes(recombination of the chromosomes, by crossbreeding, and so forth) aresufficient to account for all observed variations--just as the variouscombinations of the same dozen tones are materially sufficient to accountfor Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and the noise the cat makes by walkingon the keys. But the cat's performance neither proves nor disproves theexistence of Beethoven; and all that is proved by the biologist's argumentis that he was unable to distinguish between a material and a final cause.

Defend or refute one of the following statements: 1.

A glib speaker in the Brains Trust once entertained his audience (andreduced the late Charles Williams to helpless rage by asserting that inthe Middle Ages it was a matter of faith to know how many archangels coulddance on the point of a needle. I need not say, I hope, that it never wasa "matter of faith"; it was simply a debating exercise, whoseset subject was the nature of angelic substance: were angels material,and if so, did they occupy space? The answer usually adjudged correct is,I believe, that angels are pure intelligences; not material, but limited,so that they may have location in space but not extension. An analogy mightbe drawn from human thought, which is similarly non-material and similarlylimited. Thus, if your thought is concentrated upon one thing--say, thepoint of a needle--it is located there in the sense that it is not elsewhere;but although it is "there," it occupies no space there, and thereis nothing to prevent an infinite number of different people's thoughtsbeing concentrated upon the same needle-point at the same time. The propersubject of the argument is thus seen to be the distinction between locationand extension in space; the matter on which the argument is exercised happensto be the nature of angels (although, as we have seen, it might equallywell have been something else; the practical lesson to be drawn from theargument is not to use words like "there" in a loose and unscientificway, without specifying whether you mean "located there" or "occupyingspace there."

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