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Dance to the music of time essay - …

The Project Clarifying Learning to Enhance Achievement Results (Project CLEAR) established by the Houston Independent School District's objectives are listed below and in the appendix. Students will develop a perspective on how music and dance forms from the past and present express and reflect traditions and cultural issues of any society within a given time and place. They will determine stylistic similarities and differences of tribal songs and dance (Musi. Ch. MS 2b. in the HISD objectives and correlation charts in the appendix).

The most pressing challenges today in the preservation of the traditions of dance and music are:

First, the meditative strategy will be implemented by encouraging my students to utilize research skills for investigating the background of each tribe. In other words, this strategy will be used in the analysis of the political structure of each tribe, ways of life, family structure, and other cultural trends. The meditative strategy will enable my students' enhancement through an investigation of epistemological developments or theoretical concepts with reference to its limits and validity in correlation to the society created within each tribe. In addition, the musical structure, performance practices, and dance will be explored.

and work in regard to the music of the time, ..

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Native American Dance African American Dance Dance in dance to the music of time essay Latin America and the Caribbean Dance in Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia Dance in Africa Dance in the dance to the music of time essay ….

It is at once majestic, mythical, timeless - yet earthy, present and pulsating in the 21st Century, perhaps it is this heady mix conveyed through the movement and music that makes it so compelling to the observer and performer alike. Once bordering on extinction, the tenets and form of Egyptian Dance have been reclaimed for posterity, resulting in a beauty of line and depth of expression that truly conveys the elegance, dignity and power of an extraordinary heritage.

Essay: The Dance of Negotiation - TIME

Since we didnt have propermusic, the teacher told us to clap our hands at certain times of ourdance.

Upon the completion of this unit my students would have developed an aesthetic appreciation for cultural music and dance of various American Indian tribes. My students would have developed an understanding of structural organization of musical styles and dance genres. My students will be able to correlate distinctions between melodic development and rhythmic structures and other devices utilized to implement idiomatic cultural influences. It will enable my students to develop an understanding of the instruments and their role in ceremonial traditions. Moreover, my students will develop an appreciation for experiencing styles and forms of cultural traditions through music. My students would have learned that the Indian dance and music are reflections of social implications, spiritual, and the artful blend of diverse cultures (see Figure 4 in the appendix).

But when it comes to preserving (and improving) our mental acuity, then some forms are significantly better than others. While all dancing requires some intelligence, I encourage you to use your full intelligence when dancing, in both the Lead and Follow roles. The more decision-making we can bring into our dancing, the better.

In social dancing, the Follow role automatically gains a benefit, by making hundreds of split-second decisions as to what to do next, sometimes unconsciously so. As I mentioned on , women don't "follow", they interpret the signals their partners are giving them, and this requires intelligence and decision-making, which is active, not passive.

This benefit is greatly enhanced by dancing with different partners, not always with the same fellow. With different dance partners, you have to adjust much more and be aware of more variables. This is great for staying smarter longer.

But a debate rages in the islands as to whether
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Dosya:The dance to the music of time c

A young boy holds his ground as his peers dance to the music, but as the break segment of the song awakens, the young boy rushes to the middle of the dance floor.

Dance To The Music Of Phil Bennett - Phil Bennett LP Recordsale

The effects of hip-hop music has been disputable following the time when its rise into the social standard in the late twentieth century, but Hip- hop music is not just one sided but can be both positive and negative on today’s youth.

Dance to the music of time essay

"We are the Ancient People; . . . The red men, of the plain; For we are the Ancient People, Born with the wind and rain" (Proctor as stated in 1983: 3). The American Indians were the first people to immigrate to the United States. "There is no important scholarly disagreement with the theory that these people first came to North America from Asia, across a land bridge then connecting Siberia with Alaska, and over a period of time migrated throughout the two Americas" (Hamm, 1983: 3). Although most of the northern region was covered with ice, the Indians survived as well as built villages, cities, and develop methods for using the natural resources to aid their existence. Each tribe was both unique and different in their ways of life. Each group created unique and distinguishable cultures, languages, musical styles, art forms, clothing styles, social and political systems. Music and dance were essential to each tribe. For the reasons mentioned above, the seminar I am participating in is entitled, "Native America: Understanding the Past through Things". My curriculum unit will be entitled, "Native American Music and Dance".

Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 4. Купить, цены, описание

The rationale for developing this curriculum unit is to cultivate an awareness of the American Indian cultures and examine their methods of self expressions through music. Another reason for developing this unit is to cultivate an appreciation and awareness of a forgotten people and culture of the first true Americans, in addition to, examining their contributions to the woven fabric of American arts and history. Moreover, students do not separate their learning into segregated compartments or subject areas. Therefore, it is crucial to the learning outcomes to innovatively correlate the arts with the academic subjects as much as possible in order to build on the wholeness of the students' perspective and their connections to the multicultural society in which they live. This unit of study is important to my students for many reasons. First, the Indians innovatively created many forms of dance rituals. Through the study of music and dance, it will enable my students to gain knowledge and lessons of sensitivity and self expression. Another reason for studying this unit is to examine the performance practices of music and dance forms. The study of the cultures will enable my students to develop beliefs or come to the realization that all people have similarities through music and dance as means of self expressions. The discourse of this unit will concentration on the following tribes: Creek Confederacy (Southeast culture) and both the Illinois Tribe and the Iroquois Confederacy from the Northeast culture. Within the Creek Confederacy, the studies will concentrate on the Choctaw and Coushatta cultures. In the Iroquois Confederacy or Nation, the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) as well as the Illinois cultures will be examined. The ceremonial music and dance genres will be surveyed. Through the examination of dance genres, rhythm, instruments, and rituals will be investigated. Through the analysis of the music, the structural organization, melodic characteristics, scale patterns, modes, and rhythm will be researched.

Music Lessons | Dance Classes | Academy of Music and Dance

Then take a dance class, which can be even more effective. Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity.

Do all kinds of dancing lead to increased mental acuity? No, not all forms of dancing will produce the same benefit, especially if they only work on style, or merely retrace the same memorized paths. Making as many split-second decisions as possible, is the key to maintaining our cognitive abilities. Remember: intelligence is what we use when we don't already know what to do.

We wish that thirty years ago the Albert Einstein College of Medicine thought of doing side-by-side comparisons of different kinds of dancing, to find out which was better. But we can figure it out by looking at who they studied: senior citizens 75 and older, beginning in 1980. Those who danced in that particular population were former Roaring Twenties dancers (back in 1980) and then former Swing Era dancers (today), so the kind of dancing most of them continued to do in retirement was what they began when they were young: freestyle social dancing -- basic foxtrot, waltz, swing, and maybe some rumba and cha cha.

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