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This was my first time attending a Jazz concert.

(The historical moment of the conception, shortly before German unity in 1871, surely played a role in this view as well.) Wagner's contempt for the piece extended to sarcastic comments in letters and essays; in one, he scornfully remarks that when the present generation (his own) dies, "we will want no to be played to our ashes." The importance of Wagner's stance toward Brahms cannot be overemphasized: many critics echoed Wagner's sentiments, and while some devoted serious attention to an analysis of what they considered to be the work's particular flaws, others continued with vague polemicisms and attacks against the composer, his beliefs and religion, and above all his `academic' attitude toward music.

On February 7, 2014 the opportunity arose for me to attend my first underground Darkside sold out concert in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club at 10:00 pm, which is one of their venues for their world tour....

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Jazz Concert Report

• Shostakovich: (October, 1959) (on Sony SMK 47615).After his first year as music director, Bernstein and the Philharmonic embarked on agrueling eight week, fifty concert tour of Europe and the Middle East, coveringtwenty-nine cities in seventeen countries. proclaimed it "likely to godown as the most successful of all time." Typical of the reaction was that of the , which hailed Bernstein's "impetuous talent ... bursting at theseams." The highlight was Russia, where, typically, Bernstein won over the people ofa former enemy through the sheer contagion of his charisma.

In the eyes of the critics and the public alike, Musgrave concludes, Brahms' standing "changed imperceptibly from the context of `modern' to that of `classic.'"

Perhaps the greatest reevaluation of the and indeed all of Brahms' oeuvre came with the 1950 publication of Schoenberg's essay "Brahms the Progressive." Here, refuting the Wagnerian image of Brahms as an unfruitful conservative, as "the classicist, the academician," Schoenberg acclaimed Brahms' more progressive musical moments and praised his innovative qualities.

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The next showcase was a quartet with a tenor sax, the piano and trombone. This performance could be categorized as my favorite performance in the whole event. The music had a supernatural and mystifying tune achieved by playing with minors. There was a strong prominence on the antiphony aspect (call and response) particularly at the start of the music. Using minor notes and keys generated conflicting noises occasionally in the process of the performance. In this quartet, the audience was given the privilege of viewing all the instruments on stage including the tenor sax, the piano and trombone. One skill the saxophone player was particularly adept at was the repeated use of sequential chords instead of the conventional ringing (arpeggios). The piano player would also play a strong tune simultaneously and then simmer down gradually. There was undoubtedly a rough feeling to this performance. The song would have made a convincing soundtrack for a James Wan movie such as . This music had everything an accomplished jazz song should have and I was beside myself with satisfaction and admiration. Towards the conclusion, the music gradually developed its climax and then it abruptly ended.

Josh Yuchasz was fourteen years old and a high school freshman when he wrote this essay. He played in his school’s concert band and on its football team. In addition to Godzilla, Yuchasz likes other reptiles including Bubba, his pet red-tailed boa constrictor.

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• Haydn: (1962-1968) (on SonySM2K 47550). Bernstein had easily won over young concertgoers (and infatuated many olderones as well) with his youth, energy, charm and great looks. The orchestra was happy aswell: the huge popularity of Bernstein's concerts increased the players' paid season from34 weeks to full-time employment, and burgeoning record and TV royalties augmentedrevenues yet further. But critics were less impressed. The London snipedthat Bernstein seemed "utterly at the mercy of adolescent emotional rages" and"always appeared to be succumbing to his first excited reactions to the music, neverto be thinking beyond them." His worst enemy, though, was far closer to home. HaroldSchonberg, senior music critic of the , was a constant thorn inBernstein's side, bitterly complaining after the first season: "At all times the auraof show business rather than music-making is present. Thoughtful people are beginning tocomplain more and more of Bernstein's antics on the podium ... and asking if Lenny is evergoing to grow up."

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Not all analysts, however, found Brahms to be the conservative schoolmaster he was made out to be: Kleinert, for example, in a direct reference to Wagner's own claims, calmly declared that "the music of the future, for others a vogue, is for Brahms already a music of the past." As Kross and others have documented, critical opposition to the , mostly on dogmatic grounds, continued through the end of the 19th century; by 1900 however, it had mostly disappeared, and the work had been accepted not only into the concert-hall repertoire, but was receiving increased favorable critical and analytical attention, both within Germany and abroad.

Following the paradigm of reception that we have set up for Germany -- the fact that Catholic towns were far more resistant to the than their Protestant counterparts -- it comes as no surprise to learn that the was considerably better received in England and the United States than in Catholic countries such as France and Italy.

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Lenny's enthusiasm for music exploded during his teen years. He staged amateur operas,dabbled at composition, and played on a radio show sponsored by his father's beauty supplycompany, a harbinger of the broad scope of his future professional activity. He becameparticularly adept at improvising variations in the styles of various classical and popcomposers, an early manifestation of the eclecticism that led him to value all music andto cite examples from the Beatles as readily as from Beethoven or to prefer attending aJimi Hendrix concert to a classical recital. He practiced the piano voraciously at allhours of the night; significantly, though, Lenny's was not the type of focussed, incessantrepetition aimed at perfection but rather a spontaneous outburst of the sheer joy ofplaying and invention that would characterize his career.

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Concert reports should be examples of your high standards of scholarship and your writing skills, and will be graded accordingly. Succinctness is valued over verbosity! Use academic rather than colloquial style. Usual reports are 2-4 pages, but that is not required.

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