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Easily flattered by Decius Brutus (not to be confused with Brutus), Caesar appears to us as a man almost guided not so much by his own will but what he believes are the expectations his people have of "Caesar." This is why he is reluctant to show fear, Caesar, as he frequently refers to himself in the third person, fears nothing and can show no sign of weakness or indeed mortality... Note: The "ides of March" is the fifteenth of March (See Act II, Scene I, Line 58). Octavius Caesar: The adopted son of Caesar, Octavius by history, ultimately became ruler of the Roman Empire following his defeat of Mark Antony in Egypt (See Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra).

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From a rhythmic perspective, the feel of this opening immediately commands attention. The succession of hard stresses is also Shakespeare's way of using the verse to help Antony cut through the din of the crowd. Antony also echoes the opening line that Brutus uses ("Romans, countrymen, and lovers!"), but conspicuously rearranges it; where Brutus begins with "Romans" to reflect his appeal to their reason, Antony begins with "friends," which reflects the more emotional tact he will take throughout the rest of his speech. Remember also that Antony has entered the Forum with Caesar's body in tow and will use the corpse as a prop throughout his oration.

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A line-by-line dramatic verse analysis of Mark Antony's speech in Act III, scene 2.

Here is a case where the regular rhythm following the more varied rhythm of the line above aids the contrast that Antony conveys. is a common Elizabethan contraction for ; Shakespeare often uses to avoid the extra unstressed syllable in his verse. The marked pronunciation of (Middle English , via French , which derives from Medieval Latin meaning "within earth") is another trick to keep the meter strict in this line; otherwise, he would have written it as . Here, only two lines after Antony say he hasn't come to praise Caesar, he already slips in the backhanded implication that some good died with Caesar.

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Antony returns to the actual predicate of his statement with innocuous metrical regularity. The line is all but a throwaway; Antony doesn't want the crowd dwelling on the idea that he is speaking here by permission. The preceding parenthetical insertion of Brutus and the rest being "honourable men" displaces his emphasis and lessens the impression that Brutus holds sway over him. In doing so, Antony effectively obeys the letter of his agreement without yielding to its spirit.

Antony, were he speaking on television today, could be accused of going for a good soundbite. denotes "pitiless; cruel or unkind." (The word derives from the same etymological root as "stare," the Old English verb .) This is another way that Antony uses circumlocution to call Brutus's account into question without ever averring that Brutus is a liar.

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So what's left of Antony and Cleopatra is the drama of watching the hot mess of two people trying to come out of impossible circumstances. And from that perspective, they do a great job: after all, one of the best writers of the English language thought it was worthwhile to write a play about them. Cleopatra sticks a poisonous snake in her bosom and Antony almost disembowels himself rather than surrender to Octavius and Roman power. In Antony and Cleopatra we get an example of courage almost two thousand years after everyone in the real-life story has died.

As Shakespeare, , and (director of 300) all know, we love a good impossible-odds story. After all, we'd like to think that, in 4009, maybe people will be reading about our dramatic exploits in the face of insurmountable foes Although, unlike Antony and Cleopatra, we would like to survive our heroic deeds.

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Cicero: A well-known orator (public speaker) and Senator, Cicero is killed by the Triumvirs (Mark Antony, Octavius and Lepidus) following Caesar's assassination. Publius: A Senator who travels with Caesar to the Senate House the day Caesar is killed, he witnesses Caesar's assassination.

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You can scan the "O" as unstressed, but because the beginning of the line is an interjection—and a somewhat melodramatic one at that—it reads better with the marked stress. Antony risks alienating the crowd by shaming them (or at least suggesting that they're suffering a lapse in reason) for believing Caesar to be a tyrant in the making. Shakespeare also risks the redundancy of "brutish beasts" (which literally translates to "bestial beasts") to make the deliberate pun upon Brutus's name.

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Here again, we have a sense of disjointed meter that underscores the tension in what Antony says. The line scans here as ////, which gives the line a choppy rhythm. The repetition of "all" with the midline gives the speaker a naturally stressed inflection that betrays some of Antony's underlying scorn.

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